Hi! Am Wale.

Welcome to Wale Adenuga’s Studio!. We are going to kick start this Blog with photos from our Abstract section…..Hope you enjoy! And find your own definition to each photo you view…well….Though they r Abstracts…..:)

Roots from a Tree

Roots from a Tree

The Leaves are Grainy

The Leaves are Grainy

Aging Roots

Aging Roots

Dirt it is...

Dirt it is…

Its scary!

Its scary!

its Green Again

its Green Again



spotted back...

spotted back…

it Leads somwhere...

it Leads somwhere…

Lost in Clearity

Lost in Clearity

The cracked Hole!

The cracked

it bends.....

it bends…..

Colorful but Dangerous....

Colorful but Dangerous….

ColourFul Danger

ColourFul Danger


28 thoughts on “Hi! Am Wale.

  1. Rily nyc,bestie.kip it up.I luv all d pieces bt I luv ‘colourful bt dangerous’ & ‘its green again’ the most.they are just great,absolutely stunning.

  2. Nice work buh I av 2 agree we 47, more meaningful taggin ‎​ȋ̝̊̅Ƨ̷̜̌̋ required 4 such distinctive work.

  3. hmm…tanks to Twirrer and this would have passed me by. I love all the pictures man. In case you need a more corporate design for biz ish… *pointing my finger to the sky*. Just lemme know, I’ll be glad to contribute.

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