Happy New Month Ya’al!!!!! Well in Advance thou, lol…..Yes! Ladies! Check out the HawTesT clothing line in town——> Naledi’s clothing! Out with a mission to unveil the beauty of african fabrics through our contemporary apparels that are simple yet elegant!
Yes! You don’t wanna miss the Awesome photos from her Photoshoot wiv Wale Adenuga Studios…’s a tip of the iceberg from the accessories section….The Bangles..!!!

For More info, contact:
Tel: (+234) 081-8651-5524

Do feel free to Comment and Enjoy!

To view the Previous PHOTO OF tHE DAY! Click HERE

Accessories by Naledi, bangles, Naledi's clothing, Model, @funmifatona, @AyoNaledi, @waleadenuga

Accessories by Naledi, bangles, Naledi’s clothing, Model, @funmifatona, @AyoNaledi, @waleadenuga

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