Photo of the Day?!!?!!!!!

Anywhere u go girl, iGo follow u….oya do d azonto…*noddin*

Lol… iHad fun at Industry Nite 2day/yesterday….lol…na overNight ish till mornin na…..*BigGrin*

ok, wait! what am i doing sef, oooOoooooooOOoo!!!!!!

Am angry! Now icant collect my balance from dat wedding, well, ican, bt dat wuld be inconsiderate, *sadFace*…so sorry, u must be wondering what d F*** is d boi talkin about, well…my wedding client got robbed, they stole his car(Toyota Camry) on his wedding day, imean who does dat!??!!!

#DearThiefWeyStealMotorForWeddingDay u sef go marry o! Na ur Bride dem go steal! #iNoCurseU o! **Bt iCan see d future for U** *straitAngryFace*

Its really annoying, then another set of robbers broke into his factory on d same Night and stole Materials worth Millions!!!! Ahan! Naija!!! Ko da o! *inYo’baAccent* God will punish U o! No be small!!! *sad*

InOtherNews Minjin be looking good in these shots, {wait sef…ieven saw him at Industry Night(ft- IcePrince)…hehe…No Famzin, na my Pesin o! #okbyelol} so idecided to share wiv ya’al today his studio shots, the Boi sef get style, just dey pose like sey Usher be ein Brother….*yimu* lol…
iDey play o…Hope yu’ve heard his latest track – Bunga??!?? *surprisedLook* Young Erikina leleyi o! (*sigh* iDont even know what dat Erikina ish means, bt e fit am na…hian!)

Na Olamide kuku start am, (dat one wey no wan gree make iTake ein pisshur today….*rollsEyes*iGo Cash u for d Next event *tongueOut* issorai…Here’s Today’s Photo of the Day……Mr Bunga! Young Erikina leleyi o! Hahahaha….Do Enjoy!

And follow me on twitter for more Posts on Today’s Photo of the Day, iDey follow back too o (so far ya a HaWt Chic *battlingEyelashes*), and for guys, u berra av a cute sister *rollsEyes*lol*winks*


Minjin, Wale Adenuga Photography, 2012, Pateick Elis studios, Lagos

Minjin, Wale Adenuga Photography, 2012, Pateick Elis studios, Lagos

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One thought on “Photo of the Day?!!?!!!!!

  1. Nice one bruv…hope sey me self go make “Photo of the Day” someday…and as for those theives…I don’t even know wt to say, but God go judge una oo, bigtime!

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