PHoto Of ThE Day??!!!?!

So rumors about Dbanj n Don Jazzy splittin, be everywhr! Is it true, is it a Lie? iono… one so called blog, claims there is a source, and d story is indeed true, and NewsDesk claims such stories were false! Both parties were not available for press comments…

In my opinion, iWuld like to assume that they might be true, imean, take for example; d past events that u see Don Jazzy at, Dbanj was always present, to complete the Duo…nw of late, u rarely see Don Jazzy, and Dbanj out together at functions, events, awards et al….so it is obvious dat somthin isn’t right between the Duo, bt who knows??? Dbanj might just be too busy being an international artist *(rollsEyes)*, and nt av enuf time for Don Baba J….**again…Who knows??** *shrugs*

InOtherNews, Here’s a sneak Shot of Miss Alordiah during her videoShoot for the track:.’*#!’ Gt”-+//’ (iGo shit fire if u guess what d title is) *tongueOut* in Today’s Photo of the Day!!

And tele mi on twira @waleadenuga for more post on Foto of the Day *inFunkeAkindele’sVoice* lol

Odabo! *seeU2mao*

@EvaAlordiah, Avenue Suites, VI. Lagos, videoshoot, Wale Adenuga Photography, 2012

@EvaAlordiah, Avenue Suites, VI. Lagos, videoshoot, Wale Adenuga Photography, 2012

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23 thoughts on “PHoto Of ThE Day??!!!?!

  1. Dat story tho *sigh* I’ll cry if its true *rolls eyes* Eva’s hot sha… Bt d phtographer made her look better! Can WaleAdenuga ever snap a bad photo???? :s (y)

  2. Awww,if dey split,dts 2 bad buh besides dt,wt did people xpect?….More money dey come across,more problems dey seeeeee!!!dts au d thing go!

  3. I dnt care if dey r splittn bt I guarantee dbanjz so calld music wld suck 100x mre if he duznt used Don Jazzy beats.. Shikena!
    Eva is a butiful delta swthrt evntho, she refuses 2 #ff me on twitter bt we south south beauties no dey carry last! Lool.. Adore her shoes! Butiful shot Wale.. 😀

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