PHoto Of The DAY – ARiSE Magazine Fashion Week Edition Vol. 1

ARiSE!!!! For thy Light has come! Ok! Lol Am sorry, we r nt quotin Bible scriptures today, bt At about this time last year, the first every Arise magazine Fashion show held at the prestigious Fedral palace hotel and yes I missed it, *sue me* but I sure didn’t miss this years edition..below is what I can call a *Because-you-didnt-come-thats-why-i-have-to-write* version of the past 3 days.

Day 1 was obviously not properly planned, but hey, they called it accreditation day for Press, but little did we know was that the plan was for the event to kick off that same night, am pretty sure ya’al know that didn’t happen until Day 2

Day 2: And tents weren’t still Up! Construction still going on, models(both local n intl) still lounging, (walking up n down actually) Hian! sha, sha it was fun for the paparazzi as dey took photos upon photos of these models with their scattered hair, no makeUp on, a few with some really fashionable outfits, colorful shoes, ankara shoes*dat1SefDey*, trendy hairstyles(actually, Crazy hairstyles) and a few striking views that I wont personally forget….*laughs*
And so we waited….for the show to start by 12 noon………………………………………………………………………………………………………and it didn’t, later they said it was for 2pm……………………………………………………and it wasn’t, then it was 5pm……………………..
I am getting tired *passes pen and paper to colleague*

********Alright common!!!!!!********

Program was initially slated to begin for 12noon, this was met with complete ‘Un-Prepared-ness’

As at 4pm, the red carpet was rolled out and the official program Banner of the week displayed. *Ope o!*

Then it was also officially announced that the event would commence by 6pm **AwonOniro Oshi** *rollsEyes*

At some minutes to 10pm, Yes! 10pm! an inside source confirmed that models hadn’t even madeUp yet (10pm oh)

After waiting for over 10hours (12noon-10pm). Word got to us dat the Nigerian Models were Protesting due to unfavorable conditions, They pointed out dat:

– They had been fitting outfits for designers since morning, and no-one came to update them as to whether d show still continues or not. (At dis point, it was obvious nothing was happening)

– Also that the ridiculous pay package for the Nigerian (Local Models) -(a $200 per day as compared to about $5,000 per day for Intl. Models). Hearing this, some models were asked to go speak on behalf of the nigerian models to defend their case wiv the organizers. (Like sey una neva sign d contract statin d terms already, *rolls*).
After the ‘talk’ word came out that the organizers were doing Nigeria a favor by organizing the ARiSE Magazine fashion Week show here, as he(Mr. Nduka) already had offers from Kenya and other african countries (why evus!!)

-The organisers also commented that the Nigerian Models were “unprofessional”. And none had a Professional Portfolio, and hence the $200 pay was well enof (Amazing how all other models murmured sayin: ‘Me iAv portfolio o!’)

So we left the venue to our houses at about 11pm hoping that they would start something maybe by 12midnight and still dey didn’t. Kai..*.smh_ing*

With this few experiences and point of mine, I have bin able to convince you, not to confuse you that AMFW 2012 day 2 was also a Flop… #Gbam (let’s hope for a better Day3) *drops mic, pen, pad* *puts off light* *snoreeeeeeeeee*

Day 3 – The Redeemed
Thank God for the opportunity to redeem themselves…the day 3 of Arise Magazine Fashion Week finally translated into day 1.
Wow! how we have longed to be thrilled by Beauty and Intelligence in Design. hmmnn *straitFace*…see grammar, But, We are still talking about Nigeria sha.
The show was meant to start by 4pm but due to foreseen circumstances *note I said forseen* it started at about 6pm. But wen it eventually started, it was Beauty Galore design wanna kill me die..I stand to be corrected (actually I am lying down) most designers showed a lot of spring designs as to the conventional summer Outfits, I didn’t say summer outfits were not there oh. But then this DavidDavid guy from NewYork came and gave us 1 bikini on some rily small geh…mehn *zips lips*
Okay let’s put it this way, Day 3 saw AMFW showing exactly what we wanted to see, exquisite designs on d runway, Beautiful models (screams Oghogho n Ife’s names) and professional styling. We also saw the Kontrol Master doing his thing and then NaetoC dragged Davido unto d stage for a quite relaxing almost End of the show. Me I danced small sha even as I tried to compose what was to be my sketch for Wale’s blog. This is not about Davido sha, but dat guy was hitting on another babe (O-sofia) right in front of me, didn’t just take a pic…kai Davido oh..okay back to fashion…I had my favoirite designers sha, for the male category…no 1 could beat MAI Mehn dat guy nah devil I swear. Haha see design nah.chei. Okay dats enof *calms self* den the female ehn…plenty fashion related seamings sha,but I loved what La Quan Smith and the last guy erm…whats his name oh..Mabo smthing.. He was sha french and oh yes I liked his designs a lot.
So I can say categorically, that AMFW day 3 was a very great attempt at success and it so was.
Nw getting ready to attend day 4…can’t wait….

See Ya’al

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Article Written by: Wole Ajayi (@amTheBaldOne), 47 (@47tweets),
Co-written by: Wale Adenuga (@waleadenuga)

jeans, pocket, ARiSE magazine Fashion Week, AMFW, Day1, Day2, Day3, Wale Adenuga Photography, 2012,

jeans, pocket, ARiSE magazine Fashion Week, AMFW, Day1, Day2, Day3, Wale Adenuga Photography, 2012,

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4 thoughts on “PHoto Of The DAY – ARiSE Magazine Fashion Week Edition Vol. 1

  1. When would Nigerians know the essence of the word: “preparation?” The world is watching, and we still keep on taking that one step forward and 10 steps back. *smh. Its so annoying when designers spend sleepless nights and efforts creating a collection, the media is ready to write and observe, and hair, makeup, wardrobe, models are up for it, then organizers on their part fail to put the whole show together. Its unfortunate that AMFW still chooses to remain controversial. *now watching glee and chewing on some popcorn* Great read guys!

  2. Shows how disorganised Nigeria could be, even to our own detriment. Anyway I thought as much that d show would kick a** once it started. Thankfully it did. Great piece wole.

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