Photo of the Day! – ARiSE Magazine Fashion week Edition, Vol. 2



So I got in late cos I was watching ‘Vampaya Dairies’ and only God knows whr Wale Adenuga is right nw o! I am so sad. But I still met up with like the second abi na 3rd designer sef. *oh! Thrs Wale* *oyaLetsGojor*

Okay! some very scary looking designs mehn! Dey are wearing Masks ni sha..and boots and dis is d part whr I wait for the name of d designer to show and I will write it. *straitFace*
A lot of abstract looking designs tho, me likey small. *BigGrin* And dis was Poisa from Kenya she’s got an Awesome imagination tho. *smiles*

Next comes House of Farrah, Silk shining materials and Oghogho(Mango models) looks GLaM!…as in! …bling! Bling!! materials everywhr too, oh! Yea, did I say Ife equally looks Glamorous as well…

As we wait for the next design, let’s snoop around to see the ppl here, Fashion iCON Politician Oluremi Tinubu was present **battlinEyelashes** and NO! her husband didn’t come(shey baba mor Fashion ni? *yimuJor*), she came wiv some other guy like dat…woh! Abegi! iculdnt Find Wale to snap deir pisshur jor! (Wiv his BigHead, #Note; this is nt a sub o!) owun lokuku ni Blog…Deal with it….*lol*

So Christie Brown is next with a couple of…or shuld I say some Really Amazing designs!!! *excited*…most of d models were really tempted to dance down D runway, asin, D sound track played, just culdnt be ignored, guess what song it was na……*smilingProfusely*……Yeske! yu gorrit!!! Ema Dami duro oooo!!!! ***singinNdancin*** One model finally danced sef she cld nt hold it again! **omoTohGbaski!!!** Am so Proud of my Girls Ogbogho and Ife….#TeamCUSuperModels….**ma worri, ko le ye e! Unless u went to CU** *tongueOut*

Up next Phunkafrique good use of african fabric. Nothing out of d ordinary (lace and jakard).

Next Kezia Frederickno comment….*TalkToTheHandBBMsmiley* oya let me comment..’Very ODD’. Shikena!. (some Sulia tins…as in!)

Up next Buki Akib…weird dats all…OMG! it actually gets weirder#lobatan

Madam Wokie…a lot of stripes and local fabric used not forgetting dem square flat purses really african, now we are talking!!! *nods*

Okay den we have dis Tanzanian designer dat just knows how to use colors, n light accessories (the stylist obviously) bt NO! This pelson sabi at this point I think my Best designer for the night is Mustafa Hassanalli from wTanzania. #Gba!!! *thumbsUp*

Up next…Elci…a few pattern ish goin on in their concepts, fabric, short dresses too…Okay, Plenty pattern *straitFace*

Next up Romero Bryan…..e sabi, Great use of black and white suuwed materials…Fine designs….*smiles*

Next up…mtcheew!! idonTire to dey talk ‘Next Up sef’ *RollsEyes*lol…ok, Prey of London‘s collections—> and D First model looked scary! *ahan!* Lots of shorts and jackets a couple of dresses, small plenty blings also…

Next!(Like say na Auditionin) Sunny Rose of Maureen Ikem; English, corporate looking, Solid colors; blue and army grey, Small use of assesories…a couple of african prints too all looking coporate and cool. *thumpsUp*

Next! Bridget Awosika really…a lot of colored silk material, few bBight Patterns..Colorful also a Great blend of red and blue seperatly…dis shld be my next best design for tonight.

Amrapali male and female indian designs..rily cute tins like dat.

And finally Lanre Da Silva Ajayi..Finally!!! *dancinWinDeck* dis lady and prints sha..kai! Major Mad designs, as Usual! Fluffy materials, Lace materials, ehen! it was in this group dat one chinese model’s shoe removed, *mogbe* **Alakoba!** …sharp geh she just pick up d shoe and continued. Talk about Professional nah, (Me n Wale laughed o! Hehehehahaha)…and our Dear Oluchi (as Wale likes to call her, Aunty Oluchi, Ode boi, *naJoke O!*) didn’t diapoint.

So it was a rily Glamorous Event..I like what I saw, am sure Wale Adenuga did too! and I knw yu will like what yu are seeing as its time for the after party and we were bounced **cries* lol

So my best designers for day 4 remains Mustafa Hassanali from Tanzania and LDA (Lanre Da Silva Ajayi) from Nigeria and Bridget Awosika from Nigeria.

Back to my vampire Diaries…..*plugsInEarPhones*

Btw, iMight missed Yesterday’s Show,(actually, icame very late) bt expect the Juiciest Review from the Grand finale here on Today’s Photo of the Day!

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Writer: Wole Ajayi (@amTheBaldOne)
Photographer and Co-writer: Wale Adenuga (@waleadenuga)

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