Photo Of THE Day???!!!!!?!!?!

Bloody Hell!!! Nw d lamp is dead! My fingers hurts!!! *bitesOffFingerNails* ah!!!!!!!!!!! OK!

So for the Past weeks, av been delivering wedding jobs, and mayn! WHO (#NoWorldHealthOrganisation *coversface*) ever taut wedding Post-Productions took this much time, imean, 2weeks for Post-Production was almost not enough…*whew*
Bt take a Look-back at my First Wedding Job, iNever tot iwould keep doin more weddings, Yea, iwas privileged to shoot alongside wiv my Mentor; a US based Nigeria A-List Professional Wedding Photographer; Tunji Sarumi iMean!!! Au lucky culd iBe *GettinExcited* My first wedding Job was alongside wiv my Mentor!!! Ah!!!! Success is my portion!! ***DoinTheAzonto*** Washere!!!!

Bt on a serious note, (nt like iwasnt serious earlier tho….lol) there aint no Joy, satisfaction or excitement order than that which u feel when a client says; ‘iLove the Photos’ ah!!!!!!!!!!!! My Heart go just dey jelly jelly…..hehehehe

And it did yesterday evening after idelivered Sesan n Tolayemi’s wedding Photos, they were excited, plenty laffs, n smiles, twas alota fun!!! the Groom’s Popsy was so impressed, that he even asked if na only me snap all d pisshures, ah! Yeske, ‘Emi Okurin kan be mewa’, #BabaGodnoni

So berra book me for ya wedding on time nau o! Hehehe….Here’s one of my favorites from the Reception….icall this 1….‘Catch the Bouquet!!!’

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Odabo! U sef go marry, make icon Shoot ya wedding! *coolFaceBBMsmiley*

Weddin Ring, bride, gown, lights, bouquet, Wale Adenuga Photography, 2012, @waleadenuga, @WA_studios

Weddin Ring, bride, gown, lights, bouquet, Wale Adenuga Photography, 2012, @waleadenuga, @WA_studios

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2 thoughts on “Photo Of THE Day???!!!!!?!!?!

  1. Wale dis is really lovely, nd U̶̲̥̅̊ re defined d photograph so beautiful, more grease to ur elbow….. 1love

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