PhoTo Of The daY?!! !!?!! ?!?!!

Mayn, this Eleena’s Brother is just an olodo! Y wuld u wanna turn urself into a Vampire wivout any major reason….*mtcheew* Oponu!! oh! Thrs a reason! Bcos of a Dead girl! *smh*

And @temmithayor leeme alone jor! Am too busy, so am still in season one *rollsEyes*

Ok, so idont mean to be rude, and sound meanie like our to-be WA model Kemi (Only God knows y she calls me an Elf) *rollingEyesContinously* ehen! What was isayin sef, oh! Yea! iDont wanna be a Meanie, bt who’s dat light skinned Dude, wiv em saggy pants, multiple piercing, overtly shaped eyebrows, et al dats always hangin around Davido, at awards, shows, even in his videos, D Boi just dey linger up n down ni sha….iBeen here sey na ein cousin(am nt hating o!) Just curious, n YES! It only kills cats *winks* lol….iReally just av one question bout d Guy tho; and it goes:—> ‘Who are U?’

****insert 15seconds of silence here****

Was it too much? Actually av got 2 questions, D second is more streamed-line; ‘what’s his name!?’ Any Body sabi that 1? Cos av got this really awesome Silhouette,(well….sort of) of him, and iDecided we shuld av it as Today’s Photo of the Day! iEven titled it; Davido’s Guy! Ghen ghen!!!! Hehehehehe…issorai…#NoComment

Seriously, iHad no name na, Lmao…

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@waleadenuga, AMFW, 2012, Wale Adenuga Photography, @WA_studioz, Davido, Davido's Guy

@waleadenuga, AMFW, 2012, Wale Adenuga Photography, @WA_studioz, Davido, Davido’s Guy

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4 thoughts on “PhoTo Of The daY?!! !!?!! ?!?!!

  1. He is called Shina Rambo ..the one that davido says ..ewa ba mi mu jo,Ijo baba shina rambo?…heared he it of the hkc gang,dunno abt the cousin ishh oo

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