Photo of the Day!!!!!

Errr……Errr…….don’t know how to start this Post, well ok, this is goin to be brief, Today’s Photo of the Day is from one of my Fav Weddings of all time!!!! Tolayemi; the bride!!! Enjoy! *like sey unaGetOption*

And Y we r here!! Do remember to Nominate me 4 D Creative Artist of D Year @ the Future Awards, kindly Go 2–> and on an unserious, yet serious note, iPromise 2 buy U chokolate! Chk my Avi on twitter ( @waleadenuga or @WA_studioz ) 4 Details. 

Also support the motion, #TeamNominateWaleAdenuga by changing ur avi on twitter to mine!! @Ennilyn, @47tweets, @WA_studioz, @temmithayor, @SayederoEnytan, @don_witty et others r Doing it!!! U too cn! *bigSmile* thank YOU

Do follow @waleadenuga n @WA_studioz for more Posts on Photo of the Day! Cheers!



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