Photo of the Day!!!!

Oh! iwanto sing…..oya, ghen ghen….Lamba limbo Lamba!!! iKno dat u like to Lamba…lamba Limbo Lamba!! Lamba!!! LOL! 

Cool song tho……Ok, iThink D music industry is really goin crazy right know, everybody been all Creative n shiit! Ya’al Heard Brymo new song? Somtin bout everybody needs Love….Mayn for the first time, am actually impressed! Brymo can sing…..Heard his album titled ‘son of a Carpenter’ is droppin soon…..weirdName for an Album tho, bt yea it catches ur attention! Just like dat Lady in the red dress u saw @ dat Party or those Red colored Pair of shoes that every girl’s got one…*Lol*…..similar to the one in Today’s Photo of the Day?! Cmon! U can’t be a classy girl and nt av a Red pair of shoes….here’s Mariam’s Red pair in Today’s Photo of the Day! Enjoy!

And do ff @waleadenuga n @WA_studioz for more posts on Photo of the Day, also PLS Do Nominate me 4 D Creative Artist of D Year @ the Future Awards go2 –> iPromise2buy U shokolate! Lol…Chk my Avi on twitter @WA_studioz or @waleadenuga 4 Details. Thank you!



8 thoughts on “Photo of the Day!!!!

  1. I sure will need a pair as you said…‎​ℓ☺ℓ. Great job wale, I may not comment at all but I sure do keep tab on your blog. 😀

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