Photo of the Day!!!

You know that moment ur in d bathroom, and an idea steps into ur head….and u don’t wanna get out d shower to pick up a pen and write it down, or get on ur memo pad on dat BB or iPad to make notes, just cos u biliv wen u get out d bathroom, ur gonna jot it down so u don’t 4get……..well u just did…*what was the idea again?* Happens every time! 

Well…av missed weddings for some time know…tho som say they hate shooting at weddings, well, Yea, shooting the same type of shots might be boring, bt if ur really a badass Photog (like there are certains creative shots u can take to make shooting a wedding fun…Remember the ring bearer n the Bride’s little Girl?, yep, those little kids that r dressed up like d bride n groom Or those baby mama’s who just culdnt leave their cutes ones at home wiv d nanny, Yep! Shooting those kids culd be alotta fun! Here’s one in Today’s Photo of the Day; the little one….


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