Photo of the Day!

Ok, to be Honest, idon know this artist, Never heard of em till the One mic Naija show and iRealised this Nigga is On Point! Here is Mo_Eazy in Today’s Photo of the Day! Do Enjoy! 

And Yea, iHad to Post two photos, cos to be honest, the second photo, iwas actually lookin at the football analysis behind him *hidesFace* LOL



Haha, Mo_Eazy u killed it Bro, am now a Fan!


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6 thoughts on “Photo of the Day!

  1. Crisp and clear shots right here! I love….altho,it was the pic wif the football analysis I like better;forget the babe in d background looking into space.Looooool #okbye

  2. I really enjoyed MoEazy’s performance and must say he was the highlight of the night for me! I love his accent and swag..just too much! He will be bigger thank most expect or think, I can bet on that! God is definitely with him. I LOVE YOU MO. Keep it up!

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