Photo of the Day!

Any time i go to CU, i always find  time to visit my peeps, just to say Hello, plus i Enjoy the Big Hugz, the excitement and the Hip they start up when am around, oh! yea!!! “We’ve missed u” Well, now amma be missing u Guys, cos now they al Graduates, wel not all of them, bt the ones that are true Friends; Adjua(miss Serious, LOL), Bolu Akinlade *kisses*, Miz Pringles (will Miss her Hug), IBKNiyi Okeowo, and the Press and Media Fam dt av Graduated dt ican remember their names right now, (Do forgive me..*HolyFace*), cant forget My WA models, Nette, Myra, and Sheyi, finally!!! u guys r out! hehehehe….Get ready for ur Photoshoot o, gonna miss Oge, bt the official and the Freak, *battlingEyelashes* u guys know urself, and sweet huns like Wamide, Victory Emmywhite and the other engineering girls icant remember their names right now, Go out and Soar Guys!!! (now its time for me to gaan make more CU friends, cc @amtheBaldone, and @47tweets, we r gettin old o!)

Since my blog wont contain all of u, iwill put up a few photos, Here Today’s Photo of the Day! a few from the Perfect Set! Enjoy!


My Darling Oge……..the Freak!


Aunty Wamide!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL…………iyawo wa, *runsFrom@amtheBaldone*


Only God knows what Adjua was looking at o, or thinking bout, *RollsEyes* Will miss Adjua, (miss Serious) LOL


Victory Emmyhwhite!!! av said it now o! am Covering ur Wedding and Engagement o! #GBAM congrats hun! :*


And Last but nt the Least, my Sweet Bolu Akinlade, a rare Gem! babe, ya a Bomb shell! *dont know if that made sense, LOL, *mwuuuaah*

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