Photo of the Day!

Name all the Popular Beach sides u kno; *LetMeHelpUout* Elegushi, Oniru, Alpha, Eleko, and Yes ofcourse let’s nt forget our local Champion too; BAR Beach, Ok?

That’s all shey? *yimu* thrs one Awesome Beach u left out! if u avnt been to Takwa Bay, U r seriously missing out on the BeachSide Fun Experience, hehehe! Seriously!

See me Marketing them like sey them Pay me, bt its that Cool! Tho u’ll need a Canoe or a medium sized Boat to get across to Takwa Bay island, Yes, iSaid island, bt if u really wanna av a Fun Ride, Do it like TeamFuture did, Take a Yatch! *noddinWivCoolFaceBBMsmiley* LOL

Here’s Today’s Photo of the Day! The Takwa Bay Cruise Boat!!


Do comment and Enjoy! And follow @waledenuga and @WA_studioz for more Posts on Photo of the Day, Cheers!



10 thoughts on “Photo of the Day!

  1. Nice beach….heard of it b4 buh as long as Elegushi still rocks I don’t think peeps re ready to move up yet…how much is gate fee thr tho?

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