Photo of the Day!!!

REad the Post ooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok, so the Post is coming really late, Yes, bt av u had 4 meetings on the same day, one was with my bed this mornin, the other two in Lagos, Yes, two, the third was imaginary, hehehe…..LOL….ok so my client decided to move his shoot to another date…….*smh* ithink i shuld av a Penalty charge for that, i’ll call it the “just in Case” charge, you cancel or re-schedule a shoot 24hrs before d scheuled date, u pay an extra charge….*rollsEyes* Yeske! Oh! iwas Spotted today, hehhehe, at ikeja ———–> Mr Worldwide aka  @Otunba_salem —>RT @Otunba_salem: @waleadenuga spotted at ikeja along 5:56pm… #BaddestGuy Lol

Well iwas taking the Bus home, hoping for another Lagos GAGA traffic Ride, only to be accompanied wiv some crazy people too, *SwitchesTOPidgin* na so this lady self join us for bus, sat down in the bus, and bursted into some skabashin tinz……ahan, Aunty kilode….sobbin tinz too were involved, me itot she prolly just lost her job or somtin, cos she was acting totally weird, ****PhoneRings**** and its Ladun the Makeup artist, calling to confirm bout a shoot, and #thatAwkwardMoment occurs…..iBlow Foneh(Phonetics) inside Bus, See as People turn back Look me!!! hahhahahaha……….Fear sef Grip me, like ahan! am a Fresh Boi na…..they prolly tout, iwas tryna form.Chai! *Puts Hand on Head*……..Me i No Send o!…..Well, na so we reach Abule Egba o! Yes! at this Busstop, my journey just started, and Yes my destination was far! its actually another state! *straitFace* Bite Me!

iKuku sat by the window, with my shades on, and this was 6:45pm, *coversFace* …..warefa!!!! iLove my shades *tongueOut* ——————— ouch!!!—————— and one mumu stepped on me, GOSH!!!!! blaady Mumu nicca, he knew he was dropping at a busstop nearby o! and he decided to sit at the Last seat far at the back of the Bus! Hian! Olodo!

am sure ur wondering how all these relates to Today’s Photo of the Day shey?? walai me sef no kno…..LOL

Oh was at a Primary skool’s Pageant competition last weekend to take photos, and iFound my Future WA model, Yes ke! #TeamCatchThemYoung Omoh TOh Fine, Here’s Fiyin Idowu in Today’s Photo of the Day!


Cant wait for this Girl to be 18, Gonna make her a Superstar, Do Comment and follow @waleadenuga and @WA_studioz for more Posts on Photo of the Day! Till my Next BusExperience, iyaffGo!


22 thoughts on “Photo of the Day!!!

  1. Wale child abuse oo, but if you think the kid has potentials then you owe it to her to harness those potentials. I like your style of writing. It’s hip, fresh and fun not so stereotyped like other writings. Pls do follow my blog too. You obviously write what is on your mind. Kudos. Yeske.

  2. Wale, child abuse oo. But it’s cool, if you think d kid has potentials then you owe it to her to harness the potentials. I like your style of writing, it’s hip, fresh and fun and I tink you write wat is ur on your mind. Not so edgy doe. Kudos, make sure you follow my own blog too.

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