Photo of the DAY!!!

Thanks to everyone that read Yesterday’s POTD, isee u guys enjoyed, cos the comments keep thrullin in!!!!!!!!! *BigSmile*

So every Badass Photog, has gotta av atleast one client, who is actually ur friend, bt till date hasnt paid u for that photo shoot you did for him/her, bt for friendship, u let it slide, and warn em nt to ask for such favors again, well Laolu, aka @iamLahwiz (dont think igot the handle) is that client, and friend, God is watchin u ooo in 4D!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

LOL……………………..ok here Laolu, CEO of WWB Fashion in Today’s Photo of the Day!


Do comment and Enjoy and ff @waleadenuga and @WA_studioz for more Posts on Photo of the Day!


2 thoughts on “Photo of the DAY!!!

  1. Wale adenuga, just pray I don’t come to lagos dis year else you must gimme a whole portfolio, yeske and I will be among dose frnds that don’t pay, I wii try sha and just pay in installments.* big smile*

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