Well, for those who tot iwas famzing (twitter n BBM), i was at the MAViN House (Don Jazzy’s House), iMet the Mavin Crew yesterday, well, t all of em, bt DonJazzy, Dr. SiD and D’Prince makes about half of the team, *BigGrin* tot of uploading a pic of Dr. SiD recording in the studio or DonJazzy’s collection of awards or D’Prince’s studio shots………….bt naaa…..ya’al dont deserve that much…*tongueOut*

So i decided to upload a Pic of my dear friend @Groovymeg……..a sweet Damsel that deserves Today’s Slot for Photo of the Day, Dont ask me why….hehehehehe…..Do enjoy!


And Follow @WA_studioz and @waleadenuga for more Posts on Photo of the Day! and expect more pics from my Visit to the Mavin House, and let me Hint ya’al, D’Prince is the NEXT BiG thing………….its a Frenzy Somtin!


11 thoughts on “PHOTO OF THE DAY!!!

  1. Well I’m not famzing but that’s my cousin up there… Sometimes I wish I can date her *sacarstic*… Well she’s so pretty and sexy at the same damn time.

  2. She really is worth the prize! Someone should find a comprehensive insurance system for those jewels between her lashes; Such gems are rare in a generation and define all of the best it could have been.

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