Photo of the Day!!!

So iHad a fun weekend, well, mayb not, @47tweets and @amthebaldone almost denied me of a KFC filled weekend, deciding for us to go to Elegushi instead…*rollseyes* iKuku bought Burger on my way home, and Yes! iLove KFC, and No! they didnt pay me to do this..*ntoi*

And the comments are stil rolling in, everybody be Pinging me bout the Mavin Pictures et al, well, iwas there to take D’Prince, nt the whole Mavin Crew, tho we are gonna get on that project pretty soon, av got a MAd concept for that, *EvilGrin*

Dr. Sid was so impressed of a pic ishowed him, taken while he wasnt aware, n he decided to ask what my name was, and iwas like Wale Adenuga, *feeling Proud* and Yes, he at first though i was WAP; Papa Ajasco…*smh* he is over 60 o!!!

Well, since he liked the Pic, idecided to show ya’al too, Here’s Dr. SiD in the MAViN studio (the First Mavin Member to be on Photo Of The Day!) Enjoy!!!!!!

And Do ff @WA_studioz and @waleadenuga for more Posts on Photo of the Day! More photos of D’Prince coming soon too. Cheers!


21 thoughts on “Photo of the Day!!!

  1. At last………… Wale* tongue out* after all ur shakara u haff still put up d pic. Pls put up my Don jazzy. Thank you. Haters gaan die, we are gerin married soon. You are all invited that is if u can afford the flight ticket to monaco. Castle tins noni(

  2. Y r u complaining bout elegushi…dint u njoy d lap dance I gave u?…niways dis is really beautiful…big ups Wale…

  3. Wale, your head is valid o. OLOHUN NGBO. I’m seriously in love with your works. Keep Shooting. Keep sharing.

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