Photo of the Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

@solakemi, just so u kno, u owe me, #inotherNews, this Post was visualized while iwas on okada, and No! Kemi, dont even form gettin angry, ntoi! And imusto say it, cos iwas angry, the Law Enforcers in Lagos wey dem dey wear white and black costume, Yes, dem Break my Side Mirror on Monday, dats all iwee say………………..cancer, cancer, cancer……………*sealsLips* U peeps on my BBM wee understand *straitFace* *sipsDrink* And No, idont Drink, *hidesTheCup* heheheheehehee!

This Photo right, is just so cool, dat ihad to Post it, wait, is it cool, actually Posted it on Facebook, and it got Views, so yea! its Cool, sexy, seductive, she’s wearing a bikini and ……………Here’s WA model‘s Briella in Today’s Photo of the Day!! its her Debut on POTD, Do Enjoy!


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15 thoughts on “Photo of the Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. D girl has a very beautiful body… ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡) ..I wnt 2 b lyk her wen I grow up…n dat ass…lips sealed…Wale I wnt a pishure lyk dat…(˘̯˘ )

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