Photo of the Day!!!!

so i met Precious Aliyu, in person, aka @kokoletp who has been on my BBM for God knows how long, and she spotted me right out of the crowd, heheheheheh………….she said; ‘Wale Adenuga right?’ am like yea…….and she walks up, igiv a side hug, cos am carrying my camera, and she asked if iknew her, and iwas like “NO, ***ellla //_O hehehehe*****….y wuld ihug u, if idont kno u, nonsense gehl, *tongueOut*

Ofcourse idid, Me sef iwas just forming, actually iwasnt, the security dude was giving me a tough time cos of my camera, *Do i intimidate u dat much?* However, dat na long story, cos he later hailed me later…

Oh! forgot to mention, we met at Industry Nite, Yesterday, nw am talkin bout Precious, nt the Security, or r u confused? Precious is actually prettier in Person than on her Dps, she caught me staring a few times………*coversFace* So back to Industry Nite, Yes! aka YSG’s finest Vector Killed the stage mayn!!! if u avnt gottten his Barracks Mixtape tracks, ya on a long tin!!!!!!!

Also Shoutout to Dj Spinall; on the mix, Dj Jimmy Jatt, Dammy Krane, Jimmy,, Dynamix Slasha, Euphoric Heritage Records, FLowssick, EFA, SoundSultan and a Host of Peeps that made it to the Show! God bless…………………..*see me giving shoutout like sey ibe Vector PR* LOL…..Love the Dude tho……..#NoHomo………….Mor than oone photo today o, bt Here’s Vector in Performance Today’s Photo of the Day!! ————————–>




Do Comment, Post via Facebook, twitter and Enjoy! Also Kindly follow @waleadenuga and @WA_studioz for more Posts on Vector’s Performance @ Industry Nite as regards to Photo of the Day! o sha mor! *inVector’sVoice*


5 thoughts on “Photo of the Day!!!!

  1. WA have killed me ooo,lol..Like seriously,dunno wat to say,just gonna say dat Dude named Wale Adenuga is such a wonderful dude.Tnx hun for d compliments buh stop starring at me if not *lipsealed*lmao…

  2. WA have killed me ooo,lol..Like seriously dunno wat to say,just wanna say Wale Adenuga is a genius.Tnx hun for d compliment buh stop starring at me if not*Lipsealed*

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