Photo of the Day!!!

i am Loving the Bar-Racks Mixtape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! azin! iThink my Fav Track atm is the ‘Wasted” still Listenin on Repeat, so amma Know my Actual Fav in a bit!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need to burn a copy of that shit for my Car mayn!!!!!!!!!! Mixtape toh Badt, in otherNews if u’ve been following @waleadenuga or @WA_studioz u must av seen this TT ————> #ArisePhotosYouDidntSee well, iculdnt Post all of em on twitter, and not share som for ya’al here, featuring @SleekDivaMakida @SirUti, @Rootysnap, do Enjoy! so here’s Today’s Photo of the Day! Arise Photos u probably didnt see!

i dont kno how she does it, but @Rootysnap just looks fierce on the Runway!!!!!!!

the Sweater
i just Love this sweater, tho, iThink its gay, bt istill Gbadun am! And No! am nt Gay!

The Legs!!!!!!!

this model, really impressed me, tho it seemed like all designers made sure she wore their most *coughs* outfits…………..and she pulled em off!! thumps up!

Sir Uti

Sir Uti is just a Bawse!!!!!!!! uhnnn!! *inRickRoss’Voice* LOL

Makida Moka

When u win Face of Sleek, scre ur Height, just be Skinny n u will walk any runway mayn!!!!!!!!!!!!! Makida is a success story!
this Leg too!!

this model dey Waka!!!! those Legs were made for the runway mayn!

Lovely Black Dress

dont kno wassup wiv dis pic, a black dress to me is just like, ehh…….am coming, bt iwanna stay hidden, bt nt wiv this model in this dress mayn, cos she is rocking it!

HAWT Model

Ok, one problem wiv a few Runway Models, is dat some of em wish they had a bit of hips, So their Hotness is complete, this model;s wish must av been Ansad!!! Hawt!

Do comment n feel free to share via social Networks!!!!! and follow @waleadenuga and @WA_studioz for more Posts on Photo of the Day! odabo!





6 thoughts on “Photo of the Day!!!

  1. Until wale adenuga snaps me (for free of course) I shall reserve my comments. BTW, sweets you rock dis work….. I think it’s dope, the way you capture expressions, their struts and the angle the shot was taken,it’s beauty and divine. One word .BEAUTY. And you must snap me for free oo, my hyping shall not be in vain.

  2. When will I be as skinny and tall as these models…… (˘̯˘ ). Awesome pictures tho’ right shotz! WA just rocks no doubt!

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