Well, av iBeen Lazy, no jor, iavnt, av just been a bit really busy, for the Past week, thr hasnt been any Photo of the Day!! mayn!! that shii aint Cray! too many stories to tell, bt ican remember em all, Well……….The Latest Gist right now is bout The WA Photography Training coming Up in A Couple of Weeks!! Yea, too much requests, so we finally decided to have the Training for all the Photography Lovers out there, and a Big Shoutout to all that responded to our Survey! More Details coming soon…

Ehen! Let me use this moment to Sub my friend Oyin; ” 11am………*smh* u better dont try to End it there o!” idonTalkMyOwn #DarisAlll LOL

Here’s Today’s Photo of the Week! and Yes, Its Nude, @iambaaj and a Model !!! Do Enjoy!


And Remember to follow @WA_studioz and @waleadenuga for More Posts on Photo of the Week! and more info on the WA Photography Training. For faster updates, search for #WAphotogTraining via Twitter. Ciao!


8 thoughts on “PHOTO OF THE WEEK!!!!

  1. Aite!!..jst passing..TSk!!..I’ll prolly jst pass again and again..and nt move on to d nxt pic..OMFG!!!..ds pic is HOT..grt work WAP…Baaj na u biko *winks*

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