Photo of the Day!!!!?!

So iavnt slept in over 30hours, heheheheh…..*nwSingin* As a sure Boi……iGo dey..*Cut!!!* ok so iav been with Kennis Music’s Sledge tha Rapper at his Bouncer Video Shoot all Night,(directed by Yinka Davidz) and mayn! e no easy! so as a sure boi, mayn, am tired jare, and hungry, au dat 1 take sure………..well cant release d photos yet, cos iNever even edit them, but here’s a Sneak peek for you guys!!! Here’s the Backstage Scenes ————>


ok, frm left – right; thats Mr. Nigeria; Baaj, WA model Myra, n Sheyi, Gbolade(sledge’s Brother), the Twins, the two Hawties(Bola n…*forgotten her name*(she fine sha) lol, Sledge himself,(giving the two Fingers) #sexual *okbye* and Tomiwa (the dude on cap, stickin his tongue out)


A scene from the Video, Sledge and friends being  BOUNCED! from the Club! hehehehheee…wat a shame…Bouncer toh Sure! LOL

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