Photo of the DAy!?!

Today’s Post is fresh!!! Walai!!!! from tis writeup down to the Photos! Yep!! When u think of the word fresh………what comes to mind? Well.for me, its babies! Yup! Beautiful, No pimples, smooth skin babies!!!

So i caught up with one of my friends yesterday; a sweet heart for that matter, her name; errmm……………ermm………whats her name again sef, well….Av been callin her Mammah since we were like teenagers imean! that nickname stuck on her mayn! Bt Joy Odeh, yup dats her name is a mother! yup, imagine, my mate don born, me istill dey form single n snappin Pictures up n down, LOL………Bt we decided to shoot her baby, 9 months old “Tofunmi” an adorable baby! Filled with constant smiles…at al times! Yup!


Shoot was going amazing! Tofunmi just culdnt stop smiling, almost like she knew a photographer was around….


Untill we tried to make her sleep……….#coversFace* We wanted to make her sleep, so we culd take some sleeping Beauty photos without her clothes on,to show her Daddy, and Lobatan!!!!!!!!! Na so she bigin Cry!!! hahahahha!!! Breast milk, she no gree, Toy she no greee, camera pictures she no wan snap!…Tofunmi para for us ni sha! LOL


Mammah (Tofunmi’s mum) wished she stayed quiet so we culd take more pics, bt u know how the cry of a baby can make u feel very uncomfortable….and Tofunmi was doin a good job at dat, lol……..*rollsEyes*
Mammah promised next time she wee bring “pic” am guessing its a sleeping drug for the next shoot, so we wont b distrupted by her crying…Yipe!!!!! So ya’al Enjoy! Today’s Photo of the Day! The Smiling Tofunmi!!!!!


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40 thoughts on “Photo of the DAy!?!

  1. She z a cute heart! Plus those picture are great! What am I saying?.. Its WA naa ;). …..I want a cute baby asap!!! B4 cute babies finish

  2. Cute baby……Wale!Wale!!Wale!!!wen am I cumin to eat ur ikomo rice?stop formin single n do on tym.Mumsy ati Popsy ti n dagba o!

  3. All babies are naturally beautiful but I must say to u Mr. Wale u r great with cameras,the finishing is world class.I think it’s high time Nigerians start to appreciate great minds like u who are into a profession not bcos of the monetary gain but for the love of just doing it.
    @mammah,no sleepings drugs o,daddy’s gun is always loaded (lol) I must confess…. U guys did well

  4. Tofunmi is such a cutie, a replica of her dad, very beautiful…God make you grow in stature, strength & grant you wisdom, knowledge & understanding. You will not be cut off in the midst of your days. Love you Tofunmi

  5. Wale Adenuga O!!!!!!!!!!
    Hian! U’ve started agn O, nw u makin mi tink of havin a cutie like tofunmi *smiles* Wen are we making our own baby na? *giggles* Nyc work dear

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