Photo of the Day!!!??!

THIS IS A WARNING!!!!!!!! TODAY’S PHOTO OF THE DAY IS RATED TB!!!!! AZiN TOH BaHd!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE @yemialadee is dat video

Yelz??? waz ur own, ifelt like puttin it in Red, gaan open ya own blog if ya angry,lol*tongueOut*
In OtherNews, Yemi Alade, Hawt or wot!!!!!! *battlinEyelashes* Azin!!!!!!!!! SHe’s Pretty et al, bt ididnt think she culd pull off a sexy attitude, awww………our Peak Talent has become a Super Hawt Diva!!!!!! Yup!!! the First time iwatched the video, (am actually watchin it as am typin this) thr waz no audio, so icant judge on whether she was screamin or not, coz peeps be tellin me the Vid is cool, bt she waz a bit loud, Bunch of Haterzz!!!!!!!!! Ko shi da nu!!!!!!!!!! Hehhehehehehehehehee…….Yemi we love ur Voice o jare! *mwuuuaaah*

And Dipp, please Dont even get me started on that Nigga mayn, Please!!!!!!!!! if iHad six packs like dat, sorry, imeant 8 Packs, EveryGirl  wil be……………hmmnnnn…….*reserves comment*, follow me on twitter to hear them *winks* hehehehehehehehee
Kudos to Paul ‘Gambit’ Obata, am startin 2 Admire ur works, bt common, iexpected a Kiss tho, Yemi u sef no like chop Dipp lips???? lol……na Joke o!

So back to y we r here, lol, am sure u taut u waz gonna see Yemi Alade n Dipp right?? naaaaa!!!!! TOday’s Photo of the Day features the Sexy Oleku Girl, yup! Remember dat name, aka Beverly Ada Osu ;d girl wiv the full face, Full Lips, big eyes et al..Yup! She is totally Rockin this Vol. 1 of my Collection of the Dead Environs. in Today’s Photo


Do Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, dats all for today, see u 2mao, For More Posts on Photo of the Day! Do follow @waleadenuga and@WA_studioz and Yes 00000! We dey follow back! u fit Like our Facebook Page sef, Click here -> Wale Adenuga studios Facebook Page Or View our Classiest Works on our —> Wale Adenuga Flickr Page Page! u can now close the Post. *straitFace*


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