Photo OF tHE Day!!!?!

Yes ikno, am bad gaan!!! LOL……………………..*smh*

Dont kno y isaid dat, bt iguess iwas feeling excited, well…had a shoot today, twas wiv Old people, n medicine tinz, actually twaz for an NGO, yip! Chike Okoli Foundation on an outreach for cardiovascular test; blood tests, sugar tests et al…..Thanks to @OfficialOge for involving us in this 3-day Project. *mwwwwuaaaah*

Back to the agenda of the Day, and am talkin bout y am BAHD gaan!!!!! lol.ok, am actually talkin bout PHOTO OF THE DAY, yup!! Yesterday had the Oleku Hawtie, aka Beverly Osu, Today we r steppn up the Hawtness Level all the Way to the Runway!!! Meet the Super Model, yup!! iSaid it! SUPER!!! coz she actually is, aka Roots!! her name is actually Roots btw, lol…….no tree, *coversface* Fellas!! its @Rootysnap aka Roots Odutola in Today’s Photo of the Day!


Do comment and Enjoy! And as usual, ya free to steal it, tweet about it, and send to facebook friends to view this Hawtness!!! *battlin eyelashes*

and errmm, ema gba gbe lati NOMINATE blog yi o (www.waleadenugastudios.wordpress.comfuun BEST PHOTOGRaPHY blog lo ri NiGERIAN BLoG AWARDS *Link* –> keh de teele oro pataki taan ko si beh…….mayn, my Yo;ba sucks atm, lol….Dont forget to confirm the Nomination in your mail, by clicking on d link u’ll receive via mail from Nigerian Blog awards. Thank You!

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