PHOTO of the DaY!!?!

ok, so am gonna do this really quick, shoutout to @Official_oge, abi na @officialoge, *wareva* (she knows herself) for being the best PR ever!!!! u go Girl!!!!  Keep the Jobs coming, and CHike Okoli Foundation Outreach was a success!!! COmpleted today!!!

InOtherNews, Happy Birthday to my Special goon, the GEEKy one dat knows it all, imean this guy can tell u who the grip boy waz in the “Titanic Movie” Cast, For Real!!! e sabi like that, Love u Bro! Yes Homo!!! LOL

And another goon is moving, *sadface* now its just @Pefdow, @47tweets, @iGbenga, n @runtaj……BAldOne, igo Miss u DiE walai!!!! LOL…………bt hey! Wale Adenuga studios is going International, SO its a Good thing! *Thank You Lord*

So wiv all these happy emotions am feelin today, here’s Today’s Photo of the Day, dedicated just to my GoonS!!! the Bald One n D Geek!!


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Av a Wonderful!! Splendid Weekend!! iKno iwill *smiles*


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