PHOTO OF THE day!?!!?

Indepndence Day Shoot!!!! ….me and my Manager, aka 47, aka @47tweets, dats all we’ve bn shoutin bout for over 2 wks, well, we finally pulled it off a day before independence, wiv my good friend Rolayo aka @pizzazz890, Doyin @Doyin_o and our Model, Jumoke @pinkslosh…….Here’s how the shoot went down in @Pizzazz890 ‘s words —>Yup! She wrote this Post! Do Enjoy!
You know those mornings when you just want to stay under your duvet and curl up some more and cuddle your teddy or some broad-chested guy if you have one around? Well, I didn’t have one of those today, thanks to Wale Adenuga and Olumide”47″ Olajide.
You see, these my two friends were in Ibadan for a friend’s sister’s wedding and decided to use the opportunity to take pictures of the ancient city.
Well, I’m a nice girl and I decided to tag along and give them all the moral support I could give.


Oh, forgot to mention how they played Doyin and I by giving both of us half info *side-eye*


Our sojourn took us to the centre of Ibadan, Mapo Hall were our pretty model, Miss Jumoke, had been waiting for us. The men there were hospitable,permit me to use that word, and one of them opened all the locked doors for us.
Beautiful place I must tell you. Built in 1925 by some Captain Ross.  I especially loved the pillars and the corridors. They reminded me of these English houses with Ladies and Lords. And the hall itself had this breath-taking blue roof giving the place natural illumination.




But nothing prepared me for the view from the top of Mapo Hall. Words can’t describe it, I hope pictures give you an idea of that beauty our eyes beheld. The brown roofs all lined up in rows that seem to go on forever will always be the trademark of Ibadan.



One building got us arguing, we couldn’t decide whether it was a church or a mosque. A lot of people were outside and since it was a Sunday, I guess that justified the church assumption. But those people were in dark clothes so I thought it was the female side of the mosque. But I’ll let you guys be the final judges.


Wale didn’t want to take a picture of Doyin and I. I guess he was so scared that our pretty faces were gonna destroy his flash. Yes ke, we’re HOT like that!
Anyway, he begged us( Wale, don’t deny it) to take this jumping picture on the corridor. 🙂

I had a lovely weekend with the guys and with my home-girl Doyin Lash!  You guys should stop-by soon.

And to you the reader, Ibadan is waiting for you to experience a beauty that’s slowly being unveiled.
Happy Independence Day Good People!  
Brown Roofs!!

Brown Roofs!!

Hope you guy Enjoyed it, oya comment!!
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26 thoughts on “PHOTO OF THE day!?!!?

  1. These pictures are like so amazing!!i totally love ’em!if someone had told me that such a place existed in ibadan,i definitely wouldnt have believed ’em!but seeing this now,it really justifies the saying,’a picture is worth more than a thousand words’

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