PhOTO of the DAY!?!!!?!?!!

ok, this is the second time am typin this post, the first time, twaz on @47tweets’s tab, told ya’al iwanted a Samsung handheld Galaxy tab 2, no borri ansad me, God is watchin u All, *hian!*

one thing idont get is y Anita like Ciara tho, i mean we can pin Point y some people are fans to or like say………*thinkin o a Hawt Musician* ehen! Beyonce!!! she has a fine face, Great body et al!!! Yes! we’ve seen her nudes!1 *ssshhhhhh* and to Top it all, she has the musical talent, so y wont u like her or be a Beyonce stan!! Nicki Minaj for example too, we kno y we like her, dont even let me comment, and NO! am nt talkin bout her Rappin skillz! Yelz!!! *raisesNoseToSky*
Bt Ciara!!???!! Seriously Anita r u kiddin me? First she’s doesnt even a Hawt Body, imean dt body of hers aint gat anything dat shouts the word –> ‘BiG’ azin!!! Complete DKNY!!!! *if u go correct secondary school, u go sabi wetin e mean* *straitFace* ….nt to even talk bout her singing skillz, well, iliked her first single tho,dt one bout “Goodies” ft Pete Pablo, dat was cool, bt she’s nt a ghen ghen artiste jare! So back to my point (that icant remember) .………………………oh! Yes! y does or whaat does Anita Omofonma like bout Ciara, maybe its her Body, Ciara isnt Sexy Hawt, imean she has a great fit body, so she’ll be SuperB for a Runway model, and oh! she dances like a Boi too…reallly!?? bt WETiN me isabi sef, no be to just dey bring una tory n correct Photo toh bad to cooleh join am, LOL……am razz ahSweerh!!!

Meet the Hawt Runway Model @annieleash aka Anita Omofonma in today’s Photo of the Day! DO Enjoy!


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16 thoughts on “PhOTO of the DAY!?!!!?!?!!

  1. Which do I comment 2 d pics or ur life history*idunno*wot am I sayin sef *+ lovely pics* confam!Does dis sound rite *idunno* o well ihaf comment

  2. She z clean and straight,and with the help of our badt ass ‘fotografa’,you dont expect less. *When will i be like this tho’ (˘̯˘ )*

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