PhoTo OF tHe DAY !?!?!

so this mornin, iPosted something, n when iviewed the post, to God be the Glory…………the Post was empty!!!! Walai!!!! me sef iwas scared, am like, wot happened to all the content ijust wrote, *sad face* this blaady wordpress must think writing is easy, epecially typin on a keyboard….that shii is hard mayn!!!! bt any who, here i am writing the post again…………………

******************insert MTN commercial here**************

Ok, so this photo shuld av been POTD since,  bt Beverly Leaked it on her birthday, so hey!!! WHo cares, we still gonna put it on here!!! So ya’al can see! Yup! We r nice like dat….lol

So here Ada, iwonder y sum ppl call her Ada tho…sounds weird, me ikno her as Beverly, and she’s got 2 POTD belts to her name!! So Do Enjoy!

Wait sef, istill avnt heard the use me song by May D ooo!! is it any good? time 2 search for links…….will giv u my own review in d Next POTD, n btw………..Tiwa is A DiVA!!!!! no questions please!!!! *talkTotheHandBBMsmiley*


Bev Osu

Beverly Osu on some Cincinnati shii……iwant the cap Bev!

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