PhotO of ThE Day! – WA Photography Trainin Info!

So Yesterday was my baby @Lilmissfly’s birthday, wait, was it, think it was 2 days ago….iono mayn, my ba3 has been dead for 24hrs no pinging, no tweetin, no bloggin or anything internet related iTotally lost a day in time continuum….this is why ineed to move out of this Country, am thinking somewhr close to the Carribeans abi na carebians…….mayn English is nor my mother tongue bra…………*inBritishAccent* Gosh! iSound So Weird!! LOL

Who here likes Kendrick Lamar!!??? that guy isnt as epic as Ocean jor!!! TeamFrankOcean baby whooopwhoop!!! am nt Gay ooo!!!! *TalkToTheHandBBMsmiley* :-p

i really dont know what Photo to put up for you guys ooo!!!! maybe somwhere along this post, iwill figure it out………….ooouuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do ya’al Know bout the TRAiNING!!!??? OMG!!! if u avent heard, ur LastmaNESS shuld be given a HONORARY AWARD!!!! *rollseyes*

Ok, Here’s the Deal

Well if ur interested inlearning the Basics of Photography, or becoming Better and improve on ur skills, nips and Tricks, then the WA PHOTOGRAPHY TRAINING CLASSES IS JUST FOR YOU! The WA Photography Training Kicks off on the 12th of December 2012, and classes will hold at in the Heart of Ikeja Lagos.

REGISTRATION FOR THE TRAINING CLOSES ON THE 10TH OF DECEMBER, AND PLS NOTE THAT SEATS ARE LIMITED, SO HURRY AND MAKE YOUR PAYMENTS! For more info, Pls Download this PDF file->  and For FAQs follow and direct ur questions to @waleadenuga and @WA_studioz and add the #WAphotographyTrainin tag.

For Contact via email or telephone;
Tel: 08132489197 or 08091175123

Also Models interested in Voulunteerin durin the WA Photography Training shuld follow n DM their name n Telephone to @WA_studioz on twitter, also send a full-length photo to This is a Volunteering activity, so you can consider this a Free Photoshoot. All models will be communicated via text if selected Thanks. Tell a Friend(who is a model)!

And ofcourse na, we have to still give u a Photo of the Day, so Here it is!! Enjoy!


Very cool right? ikr…..Photo by Wale Adenuga…….LOL…av a Blessed Week, and Remember Seats r Limited for the WA Photography Training, so Register and make your Payments on or before the 10th of December!!! Early Registration receives a Hidden Discount!


Also Like our Facebook Page too, Click here -> Wale Adenuga studios Facebook Page Or View our Classiest Works on our —> Wale Adenuga Flickr Page Page! u shuld open d link now! ciao!


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