WA Photography Training Photos

*Sweeps cupwebs and chases away the spiders, *SPAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* i just killed like 5 cockroaches all together, it sounded like it was rainin, wait……..do u guys think you know the next set of lines ur bout to read? trust me, it has nothing to do with the WA Photography Trainin, am serious, the Next set of Photos ur bout to see are all talkin bout me, Me! ME!! ME!!!! am serious, if u dont see me in all the pics, then ya’al Blind, -___-.


lool, am kiddin o, dont mind me, Am bout to show ya’al photos from a success Story, Yup! THE WA PHOTOGRAPHY TRAININ 101 was a Success Story, It started on the 12th of December after so much change of dates, and almost change of venue, but hey, Thank God we finally fixed the date, The training started with lectures from yours truly  on Day one, wish i could tell ya’al all we learnt about, but the day was filled with so much knowledge, but then again, if u wanna come learn, come for the next #WAphotographyTrainin and lets impact knowledge into ur Photography Life. *smiles*



Day 2, Lectures were handled by yours truly, and we had our practical lecture on Photography with Other Professionals, we had our MakeUp Artists of Life: Jeje Makeover and Ayomikun Apata taught us intensively on the incorporation of a Pro-Makeup artist and a Pro-model when shooting as a photographer, shhhh…………….we cant telll u all the details, bt like isaid, attend the Training Next Year to know more!


Up on till the third Day, When we had Our Guest Lecturer from Insigna Photography; The amazing, Talented Kola Oshalusi, a guru in the Event Photography Field, and iTell u, as an Amateur Photographer, if you havent  gotten the chance to experience a 3-hour intensive Trainin on Lighting techniques in Event Photography like we did at the #WAphotographyTrainin, U missed!


After all the Lecture, then we had the almighty Exam, Handing of Certificate to all our trainees, who all Aced their exams!!!! S/O to all the trainees, Ya’al did Well,Day 4 ended with an Excursion to EWDA Eleshin Williams Dance Academy to take photos on of their outreach to orphanage students. it was Fun!!!





All in all, the #WAphotographyTrainin was a succes, so u see, it was a Success Story! Hope u enjoyed the photos,Thank u!

ImageTo God be All the Glory.


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