Photo OF THE Year!!!

OK, So this Post could Easily pass for Photo of the Day too, bt Hey! Who cares???? well, iDO loool……..dat was so dry, sign, i need to be funnier, oh something like dat…………ANyhow, Here’s a glimpse from the House Party we had on Jam 1, which also also happens to be my Mum’s Bday……Yay!!!!!!!!!!! S/O to those dat didnt come, *rollsEyes* u missed!!!!

Well, SInce its her 50th birthday, she’s gonna be having another Bigger Party on the 12th of January to Mark the celebration, tweet at me if u wanna come, bt note, the Parry is not in Lagos.*straitFace* loool………Do Enjoy! Photos of the Year!!!


Mumc and her friends, (Mum’s in the middle)ImageImage

try and Spot me in the PicImage

Sis and her friendsImage

Bimbo and Moi n sisImage

My small cousin yaff crush on dAMI SO TEY!!!!!!!!!!! dat boi is an ashewo!Image


Yeni and Bimbo…..yea she gets around, lol….ImageImage

Me and my Big Sis Toyen yen!! loolImageImage

she’s very light…lolImageImageImage

smh for these girls, Bimbo especiallyImageImage

they will make a cute couple -____-Image


*coughs* Demo, whr ur hand dey go???? ?:)ImageImageImageImageImage

Mumc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hi5 !!!!!!!Image

Dami toh Fine!!!ImageImage


ThImagethats all Folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye


6 thoughts on “Photo OF THE Year!!!

  1. Big shout out to Mr. Wale Adenuga #WA BadAss Photographer:) ***i have been impressed lately with your works(y)God bless the works of your hands(*) BADDEST(*)

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