Photo OF THE Day !!?!!

YEs!!!! POTD is back this year!!!! *chewsCHicken* wait!!! its 5 am sha, ayaff nt slept, and am going clubbin tonite………..e don Be!!!

Come sef, whot was italkin bout, oH! Yes! POTD is Back!!! Yes and we are going Global, coz as ur reading this, Photo of the Day by yours truly will be featured on more than just this blog, however the info will be the same all round, bt hey, Its 2013! the Year to get Bigger…………..*sigh* ithink iwas too excited when icomposed the above sentences, so am not so sure if they made sense one bit, but hey if u can make sense out of it, U r definately not a learner! *winks*

More Interesting, creative and concept filled photos from our PHotos-shoots!!! Witty write-ups!!! #WAphotographyTraining201 !!! and much more!! u dont wanna stay away from this blog for too long..neither will i!!

ikuku don go buy Bolt usb modem sha…….still waiting for them to ship the usain to me…*rollsEyes*

THunder fire u if u didnt get that……also we’ll be having guest writers, unlike 2012, we had a lot of Posts written by urs truly and a few by @vixenPixie, @Donwittyquotes and other bald writers like @amthebaldone……..loool… bt this year we will av a variety of writers, SO SIT TIGHT! -_____- or we buy u Dana air ticket! its kuku very cheap, hehehehehe

As iyaff talk plenty plenty, lamented n lamented over and over, it is time ihumbly present u Today’s Photo of the Day………..*sounds good shey* awwww………….una miss me true true…*battlinEyelashes* lool

Here’s Today’s POTD; a shot from my Most recent Pre-Wedding Shoot; icall this one………the Ring, all ye single ladies, 2013 will be the year he will Propose!! Did ihear an AMEN!??!?

Do Enjoy!


Now this one neva change, dre gats be goodbye note, so ermm…una kuku know the drill na, oya begin follow @waleadenuga and @WA_studioz for more POTD posts, We do follow back o! and Big S/O to the Peeps that follow, God Bless U!

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