PHoTO oF the DAY!

Thank u for opening today’s Post, i am completely going to waste your time, oH! did isay waste……….dang! am sorry, *scratchesHead* So 2012 was a Great Year for me and everyone at Wale Adenuga Photography studios, We thank you all that was a Part of that Year, Please ensure you remain in this New Year……if there’s really anything called New…

Well…alot of people upgraded their website, some had season greetings and father xmas looking ish all over it, and some even closed down their website, others changed the named, so many changes, bla, bla, bla, amidst all of this………(did u see that word: ‘amidst’ hehehehe, learnt that word recently ni o….ilike it *coversFace*) so as iwas saying; the only thing constant about this season is simply put into one word……..change, to me, i really dont feel the rush of a New Year, like people wanting to make resolutions, change certain things in their life……….to be honest, the only change is just the date; 2012 to 2013…….the days of the week still remains monday to sunday…….the days in a month still remain 30days in september, april, june and november and all the rest av 31, except for february alone, (lool..nursery rhyme of Eternity)……..the months of the year will still remain 12, so what really is New again? like isaid…….just the date….2012 to 2013….

Av i wasted your time enough? looool… sorry, it wont happen again, it was my Alter Ego’s advice; he said dont waste too much of your precious time……so idecided to waste other’s…..Here’s Today’s Photo of the Day!!!


Wat!??! u’ve never seen a hot chic feeding a ram b4????!!!! looll……warefa!! DO u like the pic?

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20 thoughts on “PHoTO oF the DAY!

  1. In as much as u had a concept, I don’t think it was really potrayed in this picture. The chick’s hands were too clean to have fed the ram, then why are her eyes not focused on the ram?(even if it wz a picture?).kudos to the light/contrast control u did in the picture.

    • oh! kk, erm….. ‘feeding the ram’ thats the concept, rams are not usually very calm to the point that u can feed them hand to mouth n at the same time touch the ram, and to make it even more complex, we used a lady, hence courage is also portrayed, plus u dont av to be dirty, its just grass we are feeding the ram with, nt mud, making her dirty will be over doing it……bt thanks for the comment. Appreciate it

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