Photo OF THE DAY!!!

WOW!!! alot of comments yesterday, i Generally assumed ya’al will be Pissed, at me wasting your time, but ican see the ram caught ur eyes, loooool………….

Oh! thats true sef, my mum’s birthday Party is 2mao, and imagine the men that brought the two cows for the party coming to dro them at the house at 2am this morning!!!! Imagine!!! e ta lor sun si o!!! for wat na! shey dey dont know au to bring cow in the day time ni, rubbish!! anywho!!! Popsy finally woke moi sha to open for them, only for me to approach the blaady cow this mornin, n d nigga wanted to ram me over, like ihad a red shirt on……………did u get it? loool……*sigh* u must be a Learner!!!

hehehehehheee………..ireally shuld gaan snap that cow o! bt naa……..dat will be too easy, plus its only got 24hrs to live wait what am isayin sef, ishuld document its last moments on earth na, abi wat do u guys feel? looool

Here’s Today’s Photo of the Day! one of WA model’s finest n also the lightest, aka Sassy Fadeke!!!  who has now gone MiA for some months now, am serious….we actually dont know where she is…………*sigh* you know am kidding right? Do Enjoy!



Concept: The Mechanic.

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6 thoughts on “Photo OF THE DAY!!!

  1. Its really nice…..I love d background….more like a mechanic toh sexy gan…..buh mechanics don’t wear heels na…u shld hv given her a pair of boots or sth…Nice work Wale…guess I’ll hook up wt u wen am fully ready to go into photography…

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