Photo OF the Day!?!!

Blaady Nepa!!! What kind of low current is this??? SO much heat up in this place……why??? Why?? Why?

And ijust had my bath, now am sweating…..*sobsProfusely* this isnt what isigned up for, and this shuldnt be what you should be reading, OmG!!! this is a script from my monkey diary……wait, ididnt write this… confused, are you following me? Am def not following back, ko jor mayn! this aint twitter…..this rant is getting me no where, neither are you either….or is it neither…..oyinbo no be my mama tongue jare!!!

scroll to the bottom if you think am crazy, and if ur hoping for the sane part of this body, its the whole of it, so keep reading…….are u lost? its 1:36am……..ijust had plaintain and eggs, it had no salt in em……thrs was pepper tho, so that means ayam……ayam……..dang! iforgot the line again……when r u goin to STOP!!! this is taking you no where iTell U!

it was Onobote’s fault, he taught me to write like a Mad Man…thrs no harm in reading the touts of a confused, dehydrating Lost Man……..all he wants is food, sleep and water, the type that flows from the spring, yet you’ve spent roughly bout 1-2 minutes here with him, and all you wanted to see was a Photo……….Here’s Today’s Photo of the Day!

Do u still think am the Crazy one? lol…Enjoy!

Le Boo

Le Boo

iKno, it was worth scrollin to the Bottom right? Meet Le Boo…aka @Groovymeg

So this is our new style…..witty, crazy, absolutely ludicrous and Amazing Photos, dont blame us, it was all Onobote’s influence, he pushed us so hard, till we followed in his footstep, however u too can follow @waleadenuga and @WA_studioz for more POTD posts, We do follow back o! Biggest S/O to the Peeps that follow, God Bless Una yafun yafun!

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11 thoughts on “Photo OF the Day!?!!

  1. Owk…. Wanna knw the most interesting part of reading ur bolg? Well apart from the amaaaazing pictures.. Its ur crazy intros, u call them a mad man’s rant buh ild say pure entertainment, good laughs mehn!!! I wonder where they come from, kinda says a lot bout d way u fink..1 word ..insane!!! (In a good way). Hey big ups, I’m inspired. Nice work yo #badtassphotographer . 🙂 oh nd le boo… le cute

  2. Owk…u wanna knw the most interesting part of reading ur blog?… Well apart from the amaaaaazing pictures (#badtassphotographer), ur crazy intros! U call them writings of a mad man I call them pure entertainment, it kinda says a lot bout how u fink… 2 words…. Creativly insane. Ok ill stop now b4 it looks like I’m famzing *rme* neways big ups mehn! Inspired!! 🙂 oh nd le boo…le cute

  3. Errrr….. Its low ‘voltage’ not current….. :p. Nice pic tho. Great works u guys be doing. Keep the flag flying.

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