pHOTO of THE Day!?!?!

I shuld probably just rant again today, bt am nt in that mood yet…am in that client (coughs…afi client) Client mood, au wee u be owing me since last year!!! haba! They wee not hold ur last year’s blessings from u o! issokay!
Asa probably sang that song for u, sha ma rin mi fin! Orunmila’s Left-eye is watchin u in 4D!!!

*sigh*……………That was a submarine tho, did u see it? it was in the cinemas for Weeks, what do u think am talking about? not transformers jor, BattleSHip!!!! hahhaaaa……..someone wee think they are important now tho…olori ike! dats a bit harsh? loool……

Awww… Baby was all Supportive today tho, my hero, who do u think am talking bout? huh??? huh? Nigga pls! am talkin bout Wonder Woman mayn, r u a Learner? u must need the advanced version….Love is Awesome, iLove her….Wonder woman that is, do u know Alicia Keys had a song title Wonder woman, oh! wait… was Super Woman…….am lost, are u lost? i need to get a secure line; snitches be everywhere, this isnt how we handle shii….iLove my baby, shiii!!!!!! RRRrrrraaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Dont need a secure line to say that, amma Ride till n after ya’al Die of Jealousy and all that shii you hear about…amma Ride till and after Ya’al DiE!!! hold my hand baby……..*dropsMicAndWalksAway* Here’s Today’s Photo Of the Day!!!

We gon ride till and after they DiE…….walk with me baby! and Hold my Hand! DO Enjoy!

Walk with me baby, and hold my hand...

Walk with me baby, and hold my hand…

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