Photo oF the Day! Valentine’s Day Special

ok, due to some technical issues, the Post was removed, well, now its back, Enjoy!

WAiT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T SCROLL TO THE PICTURE YET!!!!! READ THE POST MY FRiEND!!!  *Akpos’Voice* WHAT’s UR HURRY??!??

If there’s any mistake in this Post, blame @47tweets it was ALL his fault, he didn’t gimme internet *straitface* 

Ok, just so u know, iCant really tell u whether this story was written based on fact or fiction, bt as u read, u go fit determine yasef….BUT PLEASE NOTE.

Certain names during the post will be replace with ‘bla bla’ also The original names of the victims have been changed for security purposes, except Shalewa ofcourse, wait! Is that name spelt with an ‘H’ azzin is it ‘Salewa’ or ‘Shalewa’ iThink Wizkid’s version was without the H…….*sigh* who cares, this isn’t the Point btw….Also the Photo at the bottom, aka  pOTD,(and no am not asking u to scroll down), is a representation of what Sisi Salewa looked like when the story below…occured before her eyes….*Get out ur seat Hommes!!!* (ignore dat, that was absolutely irrelevant…iLuv JayZ, no homo tho, just his music..*sealsLips*)…e ma binu……u can sit down, read n Enjoy! Lol


Bola and Niyi, two Best friends, single, together they make the Best Wing men for any chic Hunt….Niyi works at ‘bla bla’ Insurance company ikoyi, his bank account hasn’t seen a balance less than 7 figures, he makes more cash than he’s own Boss, and drives a Bentley, similar to that of Dbanj’s. (InOtherNews Omo Baba olowo ni). Bola, well..no1 really knows what he does, but for some reason, he’s always boxed up! Drives a FERRaRi and loves to party!!! (Wait! Boxed up? who invented that word as an affiliation to being rich..*sigh*)…..So now we’ve got these Super Rich Kids……..No Frank, lol…(Sad for u, if u didn’t get that) bt they both Love 2 Party, and are in their late 20s…..(Awon oloriBOOku…) What!? Kin moh sor ne? iDidnt say anythin *putsOnHalo* u wee soon know y isaid that…

And then we av the Good girls….Omosalewa and Caroline aka Rolly, as ein mumu friends dey call am, OmoSalewa as iwee now choose to call Salewa is still a virgin, just turned 19, and we all know dats ur Party Year, bt Salewa was a good girl, attends ‘bla bla’ University, actually forgot d school’s name, bt its a Private school, n be like sey na 1 former Presido get am, wooh!!!! Dt 1 no be d koko sha. 

Salewa is on a 4.75…first class nerd toh behd! And she’s in her 3rd year studying Mass comm….. Promising future! Yadi yada!!!! All dat one na tory! Until Feb 13th and it was Eve’s birthday, Rolly’s friend, and Rolly decides to drag out her first class otondo nerdy friend Salewa with her to this Valentine Eve/Birthday Party……

Well, Niyi (omoBabaOlowo) n Bola being the Party freak, aka Mr ‘Pop bottles’ were invited to this Party, and Bola didn’t dull, on his arrival to the Party, He had Popped 30 bottles rangin from bla bla bla bla bla bla……am serious, just imagine empty bottles of Nuvo, Heinekken, champagne, Hennessy, JD, Courvessier (abi au dem dey take spell am sef? :s )et al…this guy probably had a Death wish, iThink he Did…

So Rolly and Salewa arrived at the parry, and as usual Rolly was already tipsy and Salewa is slowly sippin her soda, its 1:00am already, Salewa needed to take a pee, and u know girls, they always like to pee in groups,(oshi!) bt Salewa wasn’t gonna go alone, well, she culd, bt she didn’t wanna leave her ‘about to get drunk friend'(Rolly) on the dance floor with this dude(Niyi; aka Omo baba olowo) that just kept giving her sips of different drinks….Salewa prolly assumed dat was ‘Mr Pop Bottles’ 

A Couple of times Salewa tried to pull Rolly out of Niyi’s hands on the dancefloor, apparently his hands were beginning to feel comfortable on all her curves….an Sisi Salewa felt irritated, she tout: ‘WTF is wrong with Caroline(Rolly) why she go just allow one random guy to just dey touch her anyhow, untop sey e dey give her free drinks?! Useless girl she yelled in her mind’

Me sef as Narrator *shakeHead* for Rolly, useless Girl!

*Back to the story* …finally its 2:15am Salewa decides to go use d restroom on her own….while she dey in d small cubicle toilet kini, abi wetin dem dey call am sef, two girls come in to refresh their makeup by D mirror….and they start to gossip…(Typical Nigerian Girls)…

Girl A says: Bisi u no see Mr pop bottles on the floor?

Bisi(girl 2): That useless idiot! After e don useless Funke finish, e still dey party up and down, make e sha no share ein HiV for the girls for this Lagos finish!

Girl A: abeg make we comot this club go another club o!

Bisi: Oya jare! *mtcheew*

As the two gossipers step out, Salewa dashes out! Still pullin her panties up, runs to the dance floor to find out dat Rolly had gone home with Niyi, her assumed Mr pop Bottles…..salewa with no idea on whr to go to find her friend sits by the Bar…*sobbing* she felt terrible….*tots ran thru her head* Rolly was her child hood friend, her Best friend, D only girl dt really cared about her, her adopted sista, Rolly always had her back, no matter what…and all she culdnt do was hold her pee….
Now her friend might av just signed a death sentence on her watch….Salewa Busts into tears…

In her sober, n confused mood, Salewa decided to join her friend, get drunk n go home with some random guy too…n prolly sign her own death sentence…A perfect Valentine gift for herself she tot, atleast she’ll lose her virginity too….She became even sober n alcohol became her friend…and this dude with all the swagger in the world spots her…..decides to buy Salewa a drink, n soon Salewa was speakin Alcoholian (a language common amongst drunk ppl in a sober mood…Ask HalleBerry in Monsters Ball. Lol)…what better way is there to get laid? A sobber chic in the club in the hoping for a solution in alcohol! This dude was in for one Night! Couple of drinks, she was drunk, n he was taking her home in his ferrari….

*insert a black out scene with absolute silence*

Its 7:45am…..Sisi Salewa is lying down on the bed, dressed only in her smeared eye liner stained across her face, her rubbed off lipstick across her cheek, her beaded jewelry and scattered Brazilian hair, she was bare…

The dude walks out the shower…Salewa wakes, notices her selling points all over the place, trying to grab the sheets for cover, dude introduces himself…

Dude: Hey, am Bola, My friends call me ‘Pop Bottles’. *he smiles*

Salewa froze….she looked exactly like Today’s Photo of the Day! #POTD 

Sisi Salewa

Sisi Salewa

Hope You Enjoyed! Do ff @WA_studioz and @waleadenuga for more Posts on POTD! n on facebook: Wale Adenuga Photography.

Ladies be on the lookout for OloriBOOkus like Bola….Happy Valentine’s Day frm #WAphotography


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