Photo Of the Day!?

so iwas busy all day…………..and ermm………this is kinda coming late, bt hey, we’ve gotta keep the site active, so here’s my itty bitty scrappy intro before the photo,…..

Oh! yea! i read this awesome piece by @VixenPixie, twas touching, it made me remember my sweetyCupcake, awwwwww……………*raisesEyebrow* ya’al know am actually talking bout the cupcakes Shola got for me, yesterday dats in my fridge right?Its Chocolate flavored too…..well! kinda has a vanilla ring to it, with a coke bottle design on the carton, and its suppose to be cold to preserve it, but mine’s warm, deep inside…very soft when it touches my lips……………..WAiT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do u seriously still tink am talkin bout a cup or even a Cake???????? U r on a Long tin!!!!!!!! hehehehehehehehehhhehehehheheheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Here’s Today’s Photo of the Day!!! My sweet Cup cakes!!!!!! Enjoy!

My SweetCupcakes

My SweetCupcakes

Ok, so idecided to be evil, iactually didnt get the chance to eat them cupcakes that day, and each time isee this photo, isalivate in anger…………so join me, te=ry nt to lick the screen. 🙂

Torture!!! Le drumsticks!!

Torture!!! Le drumsticks!!


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14 thoughts on “Photo Of the Day!?

  1. So u guyz actually fink e’s talk’n about food….hmm isee….I also nid to get me one strawberry ring….interesting piece wale!

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