Photo of the Day!?!

For some awkard reason, av been really lazy……………………no POTD for a while…sigh

Av been busy, but hey, cant be too busy for you guys, i mean the other day at home, i was doing my dishes and i started thinking, i went mute (still doing the dishes) for bout an hour, u’ll prolly think icooked for the whole house, bt No…i was home alone, the sink only had two plates, one fork, a serving spoon, one knife,  and an aluminium pot…..all of the items iused in preparing my Indomie Instant Onion flavored Noodles….lol, (Dont HATE, thats the Best noodles ever!) so there i was pondering washing kitchen utensils dat would take 5-minutes in one hour, BlackMagic’s repete on repeat…and right there and then, the ideas came in(am sorry, cant share it yet, but iwill, when the photos are out, trustme, its gonna be MAD!!)…….
So, go ahead, you can say it, am weird, people come up with ideas when they are High; arists for instant(dont let me mention names, bt una sabi dem, orhhh yea!! dunno y e go wan join dem eme back tho) lol…others receive theirs in the shower, o ye Bey fans n ko…but me, iReceive inspirational ideas when am doing the dishes, *coversface* its my voodoo, lool…….my Perfect Thinking spot….Whats yours?

So them cancel Arise, sigh………..not again, In other news here’s Today’s Photo of the Day, the Nude? Not sure which iliked the Most, so av given you guys 2 options, Which is your fav? the Black and white or the colored version…? Enjoy!

An Art of Nude

An Art of Nude

Which is your fav? the Black and white or the colored version…?

An Art of Nude 2

An Art of Nude 2

Tell me by leaving a comment, duh!

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