Photo of the Day!!?! – Not an Easter Special!

Ehen! popodi popodi ah eee!!!!!! popodi popodi ah eee!!!!!! ooooh! nana!! with ur bad figure 8!!!!!!!!!! hehehehee…………….iwill explain dat to u in a bit…

So iStumbled upon this awesome song by Kiss aka @kissnaija titled figure 8(popodi; dats my own title for the song) and this is a banging song mayn! shes got the melody, shes got the right tune, mad beat!!! she sounds like a female Wizkid, yup! i said it, shes dat Awesome!!!! this is Afro Pop….on a Popodi Level!!! Shes a craze girl, imean, she so cray that even Daddy Showkey calls her “shey were” !!!!! looool…………..Dont worry, we’ll av her here on #PhotoOfTheDay very soon…she’s hot! and well endowed, ithink…iavnt seen her in Person jor, abeg leave my mind alone o jere, its Easter Sunday, idont wanto tink bad thoughts…….*putsOnHalo* o:)

In OtherUnrelated its time for me to Rant!!! whrs @lilmissfly btw????? shes suppose to be here! well…Banky, 2Face, Psquare, n Dbanj top as richest artistes in Africa and No, Dbanj isnt no1….sorry bruv, ur not on top of the world….lool!!!! Waje‘s iwish vid was just there, (iLov u Waje), Olamide shoots 2 amazing videos with Mattmax, VOTS is amazing, they blew up a car, so nice! AYO Projectfame winner now Ayoola drops hot single with @VectorYSG….titled “Amin” great song, currently in my playlist……btw au come Waje, Omawumi and Chidinma dont av a song together yet? sigh…my boo’s butt is growing bigger, yaaay!!!! am sure she’ll require a massage, wait! what r u thinking??????????? o ye carnal minded sheedren!!! ahan!!!!! shior!!! ……this is just me Ranting…Thanks for listening!

Ilefo temi bad o!!! Ilefo temi make u pariwo oh!!!! Gosh!!!! ooo!!!!!!

Seriously u shuld go Download Kiss’s Figure 8 song……..its a Club banger!!!

So wait! Wait!! Wait!!! who’s house idey come chop Easter meals na, chicken, ram, and tinz!!!! dont dull o! Please drop a comment(iActually mean ur house addy, lool) Happy Easter guys!!! He is risen…Here’s Today’s Photo of the Day!

WA_EasterPhoto of IBK

He is RIsen…

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