Photo Of the Day!!! Mother’s Day Special!!!

U prolly hate me, no you DONT!!!!  u cant just hate people or someone because they havent posted Amazing photos or anything in a while, even tho you know they always have a great come back, but hey, today you will be dissapointed, because this is not going to be one of those amazing comebacks…..Read on.

First of all, who can spell balloons? wait is it baloons or balloons? my autocorrect is disabled, it so annoying, so i disabled it, shiiii….iCrippled that Nigga, LOL….

Gosh!!! My manager can hurry some one for Africa, iKnow this particularly post has been on my desk for like two days know, and mother’s days was about that time ago….am not lazy o, just that time…hasnt been in my favor, oouuuu….My cousin got married! yup yup! and yours truly was present to take the Document their wedding Memories in soft and hardcopies….that sounded sexual….*Censor* *Censor* *Censor*

Let me ask, wait…never mind, yaal prolly just lie to me in comments, but How much do you Love ur mother? The other day in church, My Uncle, also a Pastor preached about the four amazing characterics of a Mother….Hold on!!!! am not gonna start preaching here, because i believe that will be purgery, abi wahs the right word sef? well..wateva! una get wetin iwan talk….so one of the characteristics was SACRIFICIAL LOVE, Mothers have always sacrificed for their children, Do you need an example? Consider the first 9 months you spent on Earth, from Day one, your mother carried you every where she went, to work, back home, to the mall, to the bathroom, she bathed with you, she peed with you, ate and drank with you, and most of all, all through this Nine Months, she carried you, and never for once put you down, do u now understand what sacrifical Love means?? if you dont, carry someone’s child with you for 9 months and see…

Here’s to all the Mother’s in the World! Happy Mothers Day!

Mother's Day Baloons

Mother’s Day Baloons


Wale Adenuga

More Posts coming soon! We are Back!


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