Photo of the Day!!

i am begining to hate this torch browser, *mtcheeeewww* rubbish!!!! just be hanging like sey na airport e dey….

Gosh!!!! u didnt laff? that was dry, even my throat felt it…gosh! yaal wicked… thirsty, i need water………*whew*

so am gonna make this one quick, coz av gotta go, but first, am gonna comment on someone, see…i got a comment on Yesterday’s Post, unluckily for the person, i thrashed their comment, because if you have been following this blog for sometime, you will realize that my writing style is indeed actually proffessional, and contains a mixture of pidgin, and other types of local/intl languages; yoruba, spanish and a bit of french when am up to it… thats because its a style and av had more views than this person can actually imagine, so asking me to write properly for once……o dan pe ori e ti fe daru……..ko shi jor!

whew!!! that rant felt good….so haste luego! oh! wait, i av to give yaal today’s PHOTO OF THE DAY! right?

ok, some of yaal asked me about photos from my cousin’s wedding, ok but due to privacy, for now, i will only show u guys a couple of my favorite Details from the Wedding, Do Enjoy!

BB_WA_130420 Deji n Bukky-158b BB_WA_130420 Deji n Bukky-1 BB_WA_130420 Deji n Bukky-2 BB_WA_130420 Deji n Bukky-4 BB_WA_130420 Deji n Bukky-22 BB_WA_130420 Deji n Bukky-29 BB_WA_130420 Deji n Bukky-40 BB_WA_130420 Deji n Bukky-79 BB_WA_130420 Deji n Bukky-105 BB_WA_130420 Deji n Bukky-137 BB_WA_130420 Deji n Bukky-123

Hope you Enjoyed them….now its time for me to go and face querry from my cousin, lol…..Haste Luego! See yaal tomorrow!



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