Photo of the Day! Birthday Special!!!

ori mi ko ni buru oooo….ori mi ko ni buru oooo….eda t’Oluwa ba kor, ko se da toh le pada…..ori mi ko ni buru oooo

Am not gonna translate that…nope, i wont, figure it out your self, its a Prayer on your self if you read it, its Yoruba, a little hint; the song was by Ebenezer Obey from the Evergreen Album in London….title: Ori mi ko ni buru! Love that man… Yaal should listen to “The Man, the Horse,and  the son” hahahaha orin awon agba!!! Good to listen to music of the Elders(shey dat English correct sha?), It pours out words of wisdom into your hearts….try it! Well this is not an AD, so make i no go dey promote anyone, but i Appreciate this man very much…A Blessing to this Generation.

In Other Unrelated News! Its my Birthday!! Well, It was…. my birthday was May 23, yup! Yesterday, so feel free to Wish me Happy Byeday in Arias! if u avnt, yup! ur late, but i forgive you, because i have a forgiving Heart! not really….i will prolly just forget your own birthday too…:P lool, am kidding…am i!?! -___- (u kuku canor know)

So i wanna give a Special ShoutOut to everyone that got me in Tweet jail all day long Yesterday! loool….My TL was literally filled with Birthday Wishes from Top to Bottom, and everytime i tried to Reply, i got in Jail, like Twitter didnt let me tweet until 2 hours after….and yet you guys kept the mentions coming, God Bless your hearts!!! *sheds a tear*(yeske, as a Man, you dont cry, we only shed a tear, lool) i Appreciate the Love! Kisses to all the shawties that blew me kisses, if i start to mention names, this Post wont End, but yaal know urselves, and for the peeps that kept calling, am sorry the signals were jampacked, lool, (ok, make i no lie, i turned the phone off, i was at work, bite me!) loool..but i still got ur DMs, so its the same….
And Facebook, o Dearr!!! You guys are amazing! actually cant believe i spent over an hour on Facebook! God bless yaal!
O! Yea, Instagram, loool, those peepz are evil, iPosted a pic of a chat with my mum, who was the first Person to wish me Happy Birthday, and Boom!!! Peepz killed the pic with birthday comments, lool, tried to reply everyone at the same time , bt IG wont let, so i wrote a General message, check em out! my IG is waleadenuga….

And the Biggest surprise of all….Less than an hour before my birthday was over…iGot the one thing that makes a birthday a Real Birthday! iGot a Cake! let me say that again….iGOT MY BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahhhaaa actually! i Got Cupcakes, lol but twas a whole Box from my Fav. Cousin in the World! and her darling Husband!!!! yup!!! Remember those Amazing Wedding photos from a Previous post? Yeske! Awon noni!!! hehehehe, Thanks so much Mr and Mrs Deji and Bukky Ebunlomo!!! U guys r amazing!!! oh yea, Deji sang for me, lool, so did Yinka, He played me the HBD song on his sax……too much Love! the Most Quiet birthday ever!!! Imagine! and i was working all day, All iz well! I give God all the Glory for a New Beginning!

And my age? lool, u know i wont tell, but no worries, am very young and legal (above 18)*winks* heheheh…

So to shorten this my long tory and give you guys what you came here for, here’s Today’s Photo of the Day!! Digital Torture!!! as @solakemi called em! lool Enjoy

The Cupcakes of Life!

Cupcakes of Life!!!!

Cupcakes of Life!!!!

Are you tortued yet? hahahahaha, i only ate 2…wait, ok fine, i ate 3, but it was late, and i wanted to taste it, the blue one made my tongue blue, loool, and Mrs Ebunlomo was laffing, and pls ignore the surrounding, this wasnt a planned shoot, bt that was the concept! because ididnt plan for this…

Cupcakes of Life!!!!

Cupcakes of Life!!!!

those stars are not cake tho, they are rings, hilarious something, i actually chewed it, only to realize it was plastic, taaaaa!!! lool..smh for myself.. /-__-\

Cupcakes of Life!!!!

Cupcakes of Life!!!!

Hope you guys Enjoyed! @cookiejar needs to see this! i should be your Official Photog hun( am assuming the owner is a girl)

Ciao! see yaal tomao or on the Next Post! Oh! check out our New Flickr Look! and more Awesome Photos on Facebook


8 thoughts on “Photo of the Day! Birthday Special!!!

  1. Lmaoo!!!!! U r so funny nd I love d way u write, your writing style is unique (no b wash ), m so happy u had fun even if u did not give me ur birthday cake.#

  2. Lool You’re funny!Really nice tho,even tho you didn’t share with us:|
    More power to your elbow bruv:*Jah bless you

  3. Nice bro, shey u wee come and come and be snappin me abi ? Hope ur good sha, been a while :*. Have fun and keep bein good.

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