Photo Of the Day!!!

This is goin to be short…………………because am in a hurry, but wait, i think my clock is 10 minutes faster, oh! wait! thats true, but if my ride gets here on earlier than the scheduled time nko? naaaaa….am sorry, cant take that risk, this is going to be short!

So Enjoy the little bliss of your time that am about to waste as you keep reading this post, for real? you just thought i was wasting your time? dang! $^$@&@* you!! hahaha, i dare you to decode that, dont worry, it wasnt an insult, …..sike* am just pointless this morning, but i Promised this would be short, yup! Just like my weekend vac with my cousin, it was short…shucks!!! Fun times with Tim, Jummy, Juwon(i kno i didnt spell dat dude’s name right, but..oh well some of yaal cant pronounce Yomi right too -____- ), and Emanuel(Yes, its one M, that one am sure of dat one) lool..San Antonio was Real!

Here’s a sneak peek! The River Center…..

River Center at Night.....

River Center at Night…..

More Photos coming soon….

In other News visit my flickr page and my Facebook Page too for More Photos! Happy Children’s Day! Ciao!


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