Photo of the Day!!!!

San Antonio was Real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh yea!!! Badooo la wa!!! Head Master lomo ko shey Prefect…loool, Olamide is just sick!!! 

Choi!!!! took me 48 hours to write this post, i could feel au long i would av to type for, shucks! Technology is not smart yet, how come there isnt an app or a device that types documents for you straight from your thoughts just by staring at the PC screen….hahaha! now dat would be Lazy Technology! loool….some things are just gonna take a while to evolve into…oh well! i kno it wee soon happen, if Jesu tarries! They wee used it in your time, wait o! this na idea oo! i need to call Microsoft about this…better Patent this shiii too… lool, my mind is too sick! so why are we hear sef, oh! yea, i miss my baby! Yes! i said it!!! I thought flirting would keep me busy, so idont be missing her too much, but cmmon! u cant! aint nothing like the real Deal! Social Networks av destroyed the popularity of physical communication! well, What can we do…We must Evolve! *Rubbish!*

ok, so today’s Post is about my Vacation to SA; the River walk, so if your reading the post, at some random spots, a photo will come, so Pay Attention! Wait! Did that sound sexual?! sigh….na una sabi!

SanAntonio Vac

SanAntonio Vac

Ehen, back to important issues…or not, *phone rings* “Who is this one calling me with private number??? u don dey madt abi!” oshi!!! e beh lomo suun si!!!

The Hotel we stayed in....Embassy Suites, Reminds me of CU Hostel, lool

The Hotel we stayed in….Embassy Suites, Reminds me of CU Hostel, lool

So Biodun yaff turn to my New MUA Padi, MUA of Life! Check out her works Juicy Looks some Amazing stuff! and yup! shez in a buzz cut too…SHe reminds me of Stephania Ferrario, #TeamHotGirlsOnBuzzCuts hahahahhahaha!!!!!



Embassy Suites..ignore those 3 sapiens walking, them be my people, lol

Embassy Suites..ignore those 3 sapiens walking, them be my people, lol

So Facebook blocked me from sending friend requests for 7 days because a couple of idiots didnt respond to old requests, according toFacebook, ‘they said they didnt know me’ well, #$%*! You Facebook! hehehe oshi, e mor baddoo? ori yin ti yi!

smh...these two r just unserious, make dem snap foto, dem no gree

smh…these two r just unserious, make dem snap foto, dem no gree, dem just dem make funny faces

Jummy and Yinka(Tim) can form for Africa!!! if them reach house now, na cat and dog dem be! shiiii

Meet Jummy and Tim...DOnt know what Jummy was thinking about tho...

Meet Jummy and Tim…Dont know what Jummy was thinking about tho…

And then Jajuan ( that is actually pronounced Juwon oooo, but the spelling tho..smh) and Emanuel(yes, with one “M”) joined us…

Meet the Boys! Can you spot me?

Meet the Boys! Jajuan, Emanuel, Tim n WA…Can you spot me?

See as Jujan just dey show-off! hisss!!! me sef go, go gym!! -_____-

hehehee, this shot of me jumping into Emanuel's shot is just Epic! lool

hehehee, this shot of me jumping into Emanuel’s shot is just Epic! lool

Na so e be,ehen,  anybody wey wan die make e go die, na me matter pass, iLove MYSELF!!!  iToo dey relevant!!! – My Self Motivation Talk…loool

My Muscle sef comot for this pisshur na, lool

My Muscle sef comot for this pisshur na, lool

My fila too wa popular on this faithful day, as we used it to pull off a stunt in the mall, so i walked into a store with my fila with all these craze people behind me(Tim, Jujan, Emanuel n Jummy) and i Spot a picture of Ancient King Pharaoh on a t-shirt, with a bandana covering the mouth area of Pharaoh, and me(the African Prince) acted like i couldnt speak english(i Spoke to them in Yoruba) while Jummy Translated…

BB_WA_SanAntonio Vac-2739The Fila and Emanuel…loool, He loved dt shiii

.and i pretended to be angry and offended by this shirt, that how can they disrespect Pharoah in such manner, and the store attendant started apologizing, that it wasnt their fault, and it was from the district, that we shouldnt be offended, the girl finally called the manager to also come plead with us, it was hilarious!

BB_WA_SanAntonio Vac-2778 BB_WA_SanAntonio Vac-2779 BB_WA_SanAntonio Vac-2816 BB_WA_SanAntonio Vac-2806BB_WA_SanAntonio Vac-2799Yup! And then we went to the River Walk Center! Place was amazing!

BB_WA_SanAntonio Vac-2797 BB_WA_SanAntonio Vac-2789After Plenty waka-about, some of us got hungry, so we wen to the Barriba Cantina….Mexican ije kuje….loool

Barriba Cantina

Barriba Cantina

The Menu

The Menu

Barriba Cantina_Dinner

Barriba Cantina_Dinner

And this brings us to an awesome Conclusion! As we walked back to the Parking lot….i decided to catch a few more Night scenes! Amazing!

Night Scenes..

Night Scenes..

Menu ithink...Night Scenes..

The Casino Club Building, its their Menu ithink…Night Scenes..

err.....are we lost?

err…..are we lost? for a sec, itot that sign said ALomo…lol

For a second, itot that sign said ‘The Alomo” loool

Go Spurs!!!!!!!!! lol

Go Spurs!!!!!!!!! lol

No, We didnt go to the Comedy Club....Night Scenes..:(

No, We didnt go to the Comedy Club….Night Scenes..:(

San Antonio was Real!!!

San Antonio was Real!!!

Did you Enjoy it??? am sure you did! iStay Scheming yaal!!! CHeck out more Photos on our New Flickr Page! and more Awesome Photos on Facebook


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  1. Great job you have here ! Keep it up. Very happy and proud with what I see here ! Very good pictures and a great concept you have here too

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