Photo of the Day!!?!

Hey Guys! how are your weeks goin…*pauses* that oyinbo no correct o! lool…who cares….

So i thought….why not give yaal my reviews on the latest videos av seen in a while, and please dont get me wrong, am not tryna promote anyone or diss anyone, but this is my view; if you follow @waleadenuga u must av seen me tweet some of my reviews, so…*coughs* first of all…Davido’s one of a kind song, does dt song even need a review? sounds like Dbanj’s top of the World, n d vid, YDF were d girls elevating??? LOL (oh! yea! YDF means Youth Driving Foundation -___- ) Olodo! no it doesnt!! if ur over 18 u should understand! Concept to me is dead! so thats a 2.0, video quality, 3.0…….do yaal really need the ooverall??? Epic Fail! #myOpinion however it gets credit for producing an African song…well, he only mentioned African countries sha…lets hope his song becomes a theme song for an African Event, which idoubt…

Now lets go to Kenya!! yup! the Nation of the dark skinned where this damsel: Victoria Kimani Uprooted from! yeske! bt really VK is a SweetHeart! Lovin D ‘Oya‘ video ft MI, she totally pulled off the Keyshia Cole look! abi!! yaal remember Keyshia COle’s ‘Sent from Heaven Video’?? yup! it was an exact Copycat! the beach scene, was perfect! Ali Zamani nailed it! ANd my goodness!!! MUAs!!!! yaaal need to see her makeup!  Its fabulous! btw Chairman MI was too Hot for that Oya Video!!!!! hahaha….my fav punchline was when he said:

Av never trusted a chic b4, Mama u too clean! Do u sip dettol?

LOOL!!!! Ali Zamani(director) u sabi! Good one!! i’ll giv it a 4.7 for Quality and a 4.0 for remixing an old concept! Overall Video Rating: approx 4.4/5.0 Great Vid(u should watch it) #myOpinion

Oh dear! Av yaaal seen Goldie’s miliki video ft Navio! Mad Quality!!! In a club scene! GodFather is a Boss! RiP Goldie 

And Who the &*!*! is Kida Kudz? ema gbawa?! dis nigga sounds like Wizkid/Olamide mixed with Skales and an iBadan Rapper accent from UK, LOOOl…wiv style..needs bettr lyrics tho, his Kida Story video is pretty cool, wont rate em, cos he’s a newbie, bt wait….let me google this boy first…………………………………………………………………………..

**************************this is you waiting******************************

*commercialEnds*……………and he’s signed to YBNL…dat explains it all… Badoo!!!!! lool dats ma new fav word! let me say it again, Badooo!!! am sure Biodun(Abby) will laff when she reads this part! haha Baddooo!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, so back to Important things in my life! i just acquire a new set of equipments, and d tin was shackin me, like a new toy na, so idecided to test it out! Meet my New friend Gabriella who was nice enough to have a test shoot for me with my new Reflectors and stand..oh! Yea! the only Teen iKno that doesnt have a Facebook account! *whew*!!! Praise Jesus! the next Generation has hope, lol. Here is today’s Photos of the Day! Gabby and the one eye shades! Am totally loving the Gold tone! Enjoy!


Gabby and the one-eye shades


Gabby; smile, tongue out and iphone smile


Gabby and the 1-eyed shades

Do come back tomao for more juicy gist and video reviews and ofcourse the POTD by yours truly! bye


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