Photo of the Day!!!

…i thought of picking on someone today, but, i deciced against it…however, did yaal see Sheyi Shay’s vid? pretty cool huh? No? yea…ithought so too…i was too busy watching the video and tryna figure out why the director or the script writer thought this was a great concept that i totally didnt listen to the song….happened every time i watched the video, oh well…..atleast she gave it an attempt, still like that her first video better tho…

oh! wow! i just found the Justify alignment, loool….u wont understand, its a WordPress thing, ko le ye e….oh! Does anyone notice ToolZ? complexion? think she’s getting lighter…aunty Tolu r u bleaching too? ….Dont worry u dont av to respond, The Juice Videos av answer for ya.

So Who’s gonna be on Today’s Photo of the Day?? Dont worry, its not ToolZ, neither is it Sheyi Shay, they have been dodging my camera for quite sometime, especially Toolz….dat one wee just be talking with that her Default Pouting shape lips…..oh! wait! i said i wont pick on someone…oOops!

loool…. na Joke o, bt if u do get to read this, just know, that i Like u…No famz intended, just like….So People of the Internet and blog sites, here’s Today’s Photo of the Day!!! Focus on The bouquet! or the beautiful little bride…this one is called, The Bride, the little bride and the bouquet.

The Bride...and the little bride

The Bride…and the little bride

….lol, the title kinda reminds me of Ebenezer Obey’s song…’the man, the son, and the horse….lol, if u didnt get that, then you dont listen to Yoruba juju music….wateva!
Do comment, and Enjoy! Share on facebook, twitter, instagram and watever network ur used to…Ciao!


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