POTD: an apologetic comeback

Lately I have been having ideas, thoughts of how people operate; their mindset that is… Half the time you think someone is mean towards you, take for example, maybe they don’t pick your calls, reply your text, or ignore you in church. But really they aren’t, especially when you have done nothing wrong.
So your mind starts to ponder on the little things…you start to remember the things u ‘don did‘ to them that they don’t know about, like that time you threw up in their bathtub or that message an uncle asked you to deliver that you didn’t because you forgot, or that money you owed them that you thought they hadn’t forgotten about(and they actually have)….random little things start to taunt your mind, and at this point you develop a certain type of anger towards them, the type I like to call: ‘Mumu anger’

My solution to this is to stop thinking like women do,(no offence ladies, but its true)who generally over think little things. People, put your self in other people’s shoes for once, before you judge them, and you’ll realize that people are actually busy, it ain’t their fault if they couldn’t put you in their itinerary when it will favor you, you gotta understand that time is precious…and Life is too short for us not to maximize it….here is Today’s Photo of the Day! Time…


apologetic time

Did you enjoy the post? Well If u did, I am glad…because this is my apologetic story. For everyone who kept asking why I stopped writing, or why there was no more Photo of the day, it wasn’t my fault, I was just busy. Actually it kinda is my fault. 😦
Can we be friends again, guys, pretty please, I promise to give you juicy posts with awesome POTDs! Watcha say? 🙂


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